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The 10 most popular Java frameworks
By at 17 Feb 2022 - 10:50

There are several reasons why java, one of the earliest programming languages, is still extensively used. Firstly, java’s immense power is making it a permanent feature of modern programming. Combining this with the benefits of robust Java frameworks can cut the time it takes to complete large projects in half.

Here, you will learn about the most popular Java frameworks in 2022. While there are more than just 10 Java frameworks, the ones identified and reviewed below stand out in functionality and accessibility.

What Are Java Frameworks?

Java frameworks are required to create any Java-based applications. Java is a high-level programming language that aids in developing superior software.

Java Exceptions- Hierarchy, Handling and Throwing Exceptions
By at 15 Dec 2021 - 12:45

Java has been in the development world for a long time. Although several other languages have captured the market with much better features, Java is here to stay.

 There is a lot to understand while learning Java, such as Java exceptions. An exception in Java is an event that disrupts the normal functioning of a program during execution. It can occur at compile time or run time and it can be of many types. These exceptions are unwanted and have a fundamental hierarchy.

Java exceptions Hierarchy explained

The Throwable class is at the top of the exception hierarchy following which are the subclasses-Error and Exception. Error and Exception should not be confused as same because there is a huge difference between these two classes.

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