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6 Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid
By at 20 Jul 2022 - 11:44

Mobile phones have made significant contributions to the development of technology. They play a crucial part in commerce, entertainment, communication, and everyday duties. They are no longer just simple communication tools. It is all largely made possible by mobile applications.

These applications assist users with everything from managing everyday work to organizing important occasions. They also help to promote business and make it easier for sellers and buyers to communicate.

The issue here is that users frequently are unsure of their actual needs. Except for those who have a rudimentary understanding of design, they are unaware of the idea of good application design. An application’s bad performance would stand out like a sore thumb, but one would never hear users complimenting it for its excellent design. Therefore, the objective of a designer and a programmer is to create an “unnoticeable design.”

Choosing the Best Tech Language between Rust and C++
By at 24 Nov 2021 - 12:20

Rust and C++ are two very important components in the field for IoT development. Both these languages are utilized in instances where access to memory and controllers, direct connection with hardware, and performance speed matter the most.

IoT or the internet of things has come a long way during the recent past, and there are discussions on where it can go from here. While the technology takes the limelight, there are object oriented languages such as C++ and Rust in the background, powering the change forward.

In this article, we run a comparison between Rust and C++ and find out just how they compare to each other. We hope you can find a distinctive difference and choose one for your project by the end of this article.

Why Developers Should Use Kotlin for Android Application Development
By at 27 Aug 2021 - 12:40

The world of mobile app development on Android has come a long way in the past few years. Due to these unprecedented changes, developers now have a number of options that they can explore to develop and finalize their Android applications.

Currently, there are a number of JVM languages that can be useful while developing applications on Android. Over the course of the last decade, Java has been the only programming language that developers trust to support the official Google IDEs for Android applications. However, the overall experience with Java hasn’t been smooth for most developers. To begin with, Java is an old language, which is why developers face a few obstacles in the development process. These obstacles limit the creativity and innovation process and do not give developers the wiggle space they need to create the best applications possible.

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