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What do you expect from your SI Implementation partner for the success of ERP implementation.
Bring best practices - Not to offer more CR's Leveraging standard functions
Need more honesty to work with the Users until their processes are fully mapped & Users are trained
Focus on process automation/ integrations/ Real time data/ BI analytics
Stick to basics
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Move customized package/modules from 10.x to package tx in 10.7 or higher to be able to move to cloud semi-automatically
By AndreasSchartne at 26 Apr 2022 - 05:04



we have developed a methodology that moves any customized package, e. g. xx, with all modules to package tx or stand-alone sessions in standard packages, e. g. td, to allow Infor customers to have their required add-ons run in the cloud within the package tx.


The methodology comprises up to 30 steps starting with labels and ending with buttons in forms. The procedure within the methodology is practically prescribed but depends partly on the style of development by the customer.


So far, the methodology has been applied in two LN 10.2.1 and one Baan V successfully completed projects comprising about 1000 sessions and have all of them running error-free and functionally identically in package tx.

The Role of Staffing Strategy in Overcoming the Pandemic Problems
By at 14 Oct 2021 - 15:39

All of the world, especially big tech firms, were generally lame in responding to the threat of the coronavirus. Sure, we had Zoom to keep the fortunate ones among us working and Netflix to ensure that we all remained sane. But the fact of the matter is that the pandemic has rather grossly unearthed the limitations and impotence of some of the richest companies in the world around us.

The period has not been rather becoming for Silicon Valley employees either. Over 69,000 employees working in startups in America have been laid off. A majority of those laid off belonged to Silicon Valley, and it is very unlikely for them to land their next job in the same residence or state even.

This will mean that a number of talented individuals will now be dispersed across the country. Over 50,000 talented individuals working for startups in Silicon Valley will now be forced to move to other states and places of employment.

How to retrieve actual financial company number (single-logistik/multi-finance)
By sibylle at 18 Sep 2013 - 21:08


We have a single-logistik/multi-finance implementation. LN 10.2.1

Is there any function/DLL/variable where i can retrieve the actual selected financial company number where the user is logged in to?

Thank you 



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