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Table extension after.destroy hook, error on db.delete of tfgld018
By fom_ln at 10 Jul 2023 - 11:26


I am new to Baan/Infor Programming and extensibility. I am trying to delete a record in the tfgld018 after deleting a record from tfacp200.

After deleting the record from tfacp200 the UI shows a message reporting: "Record not present in Documents for company", so the record is not deleted from tfgld018. 

I tried to use db.update and using it the record is correctly updated. What am i missing? 

This is the script in the after.destroy hook:


|delete the record from documents, does not work 

 select tfgld018.*

from tfgld018 for update

where tfgld018._index1 = {:tfacp200.ttyp, :tfacp200.ninv}

as set with 1 rows


                 db.delete(ttfgld018, db.retry) 



| update the document after the delete, this works 

        select  tfgld017.*

        from    tfgld017 for update

        where   tfgld017._index1 = {:tfacp200.ttyp,:tfacp200.year}


                tfgld017.docn =  tfgld017.docn - 1

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