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Excel based dashboards Sample
By Hitesh Shah at 17 Jan 2010 - 19:00

Online dashboards are frequent user queries / reports with set of all inter-related questions capable of being answered by the dashboard under user control (and not the user under control of dashboard).


Online Multi-dimensional modeling, online slicing & dicing ,charting & graphical analysis (thermostat, speedometer ,charts etc ) , drill-down to details for exceptional item etc are some of the essential features of dashboards.


Here is a sample of an excel based dashboard which gives online trial balance in multi-dimensional format with possibility to drill down to details from any database through ADODB.


Here are the links one can use to study , understand ,develop and use XL based dashboards. based Trial balance dashboard report.docx


Getting graphs /charts with symbols like thermostat / speedometer etc are very easy. One can see umpteen online resource like following in the internet.

Baan 4 GTM
By Shahed at 16 Jan 2010 - 14:04

Can anyone provide me a manual as to how to use GTM in Baan 4 c4

Fixed Assets Depriciation Issue
By sukhosla at 12 Jan 2010 - 16:49

We found our fixed assets calculation is not correct. We have entered initial data upto period 2009/12. System is calculating deprication for those assets too where book value is 1 or those are fully depricated before in previous year/period or going to be fully depriciated in next few more months. Our depreciation calculation method is "Fixed % of base value" with First and Last use date.

Can any one help us ,how to control this. We need following:

1. system should not calculate for those assets which are fully depricated and having book value only 1.

2. system should calculate depreciation for those assets which are going to be fully depriciated in next few months with their respective months of depriciaiton % not with full year amount.

3. Remaining other assets should have correct calculation in future years too.  

Awaiting your valueable reply as earliest..




We were baaN Users on Unix and Oracle. We migrate to Windows and SQL server. ^Problem with files format
By davenon at 16 Dec 2009 - 17:11

We create, in a report script files with code like below:

        IF code.login = "davenon" THEN
  idfac =,"w")
  idfac =,"w")
 IF idfac < 1 THEN
  |*Ouverture rapport impossible

and write with :

  mntbrut  = sprintf$("%@9999999,99@",( -1 * transport.forfait))
  enrcpt = "VTE" & CSV
   & dat6factur & CSV & nopiece & CSV
   & tdsls045.ttyp & SLASH & nofactur & CSV
   & "708" & nucompte708.SAGE & CSV
   & "" & CSV
         & facturavoir & nofactur & " " & raisocpt & CSV
   & "" & CSV
   & "" & CSV
   & mntbrut & CSV
   & mntbrut & CSV
   & "0,00"
         retour = seq.puts(enrcpt,idcpt)

Now , we are using in Windows and SQL server environnement. The files created with this code are in format Unix and we need to convert  them in Windows Format.

How can we obtain files in windows format ?

Thanks to all. I'm sure to obtain a good respons by you 

Daniel VENON .




Activation Key for Demo License of LN 6.1
By saurin710 at 15 Dec 2009 - 12:16

In new site ( where can i get activation key for demo license.


How to find Database name from BaanIV Tools session
By arumugam2505 at 5 Nov 2009 - 07:46

How to find database name & server name from Baan IV Tools session. Please help me.





Problem with reserved stock parent part vs. child (sub item)
By JJansen75 at 9 Sep 2009 - 08:53

Dear all,

 I have a problem with the reservation of parent item vs. child (sub item).

Out of an article we make other items our selves. Our database is Dutch, but I made some screen shots and attached them.

Problem is that if we sell a sub article (child) it shows the reserved quantity.

In my oppinion it should reserve stock on the above laying part (parent) as well.

Only in that case I know how many pieces of parent parts I have to buy.

Is it possible to change something in Baan to let it reserve automatically on parent item?



Audit Change Management in Baan 5c
By lwatson at 3 Sep 2009 - 20:25

Does anybody have and good solutions for satisfying SOX audit of object changes in Baan 5c?  There are no automated tools to track and report what objects have been changed and by whom.

Cannot run bic_info
By Jaratjm at 20 Aug 2009 - 10:12

Hi All.


I have been trying to run bic_info on Windows server 2003 (ERPLN 6.1 sp3, Oracle) but it didn't work.


pls see the attached file.



BAANIVc Solution Check to Install error 2135
By Jaratjm at 18 Aug 2009 - 08:04

I am getting an error during BaanIVc check to install the solution. 

I am attaching herewith an error doc also
Please provide me solution for it.

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