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Free Excel Add-ins from Oracle / Microsoft & others
By Hitesh Shah at 21 Mar 2009 - 17:47

While working on analysis services found certain good Excel add-ins available freely. Though some of the add-ins are not useful to us as we already have long established smart programs to accomplish much more than these add-ins do , I indicate the same here for those who may wish to use such approach for their excel integration with their database ( whatever it be ).


By manorit at 14 Feb 2011 - 19:34
I am available for freelancing.Please drop me an email at

FTP Issue.
By sachinbs007 at 27 Feb 2009 - 08:57

FTP - from One server Location(Windows) to other server location of different platform (Unix)




I wanted to do the FTP of an flat file from Baan server to other ERP server.

Baan server is in Windows and Other ERP server is in Unix.

I have written an code for this which is given below.


function ftp.ascii.file()


            ret.code = app_start("cmd /c e:\int\export\Item\GEPS_CS_TASK_LINE.bat", "", "", "", "")




            if ret.code > 0 then


                        |process.error = seq.unlink(filepath)






At the given path I have an “ .bat” file which is pointing to an text file in which all the information related to server is saved from password to the path were to move the file and from were.

“.bat” file is getting trigger but the file is not getting transfer ,can any one tell were could be the issue in Code.

gcommand tool
By patvdv at 23 Feb 2008 - 21:06


A tool called gcommand is used for testing Triton database drivers. This tool is extremely useful and can be used for testing drivers at any stage e.g during initial development, enhancements, simulating a bug etc.

This document describes the usage of gcommand. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with Triton database drivers and various database actions described in this document.


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generation of RQF from purchase order advice
By sumit khanna at 9 Mar 2011 - 13:05

 dear all

there is a query- to map material reuisition in warehouse in inventory planning.

Grand livre des fournisseur
By vittorio at 8 May 2018 - 14:07

Which is the best report to be used in LN 10.5 to meet the requirement in France for the "grand livre des fournisseurs"?



Header Not Printing
By sasank at 12 Sep 2014 - 07:37


Header layout is not printing.

Its a standard session.We created header at report level and all fields also assigned in input fields.There at report level I have added 4 fields.After adding thet 4 fields in the header,the problem is coming. 

Ex: I created header at report level and given name(Test) and compile the report. 

Suggest me any deas? 



Sasank N 

By sachinbaan at 22 Jan 2014 - 06:09

dear all,


i am creating extra toolbar for my session, but it returns 0 that is  toolbar not allowed in this type of session.

so please tell me which kind of session is there for create.extra.toolbar().


thank you.... 

By sachinbaan at 3 Feb 2014 - 06:13



please explain what this functions do... curl.strerror$(), and how to use this

Hidding labels / Fields
By reema.alrajhi at 3 Apr 2013 - 07:02

How can I hide label or field depending on othe field value ?

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