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Sigma Chemnitz & ION middleware
By patvdv at 10 Apr 2013 - 14:44

About the ION Middleware

If your business is like most, the organizational systems you use have evolved over time, creating a complicated technology landscape. Disconnected systems and information silos result in inefficiencies, costly maintenance requirements, and ultimately—missed opportunities.
Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor's innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION). This purpose-built middleware solution provides a simple but powerful and scalable framework, allowing you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency

About the Infor PLM Discrete Solution

Infor has a proven track record of helping leading manufacturers navigate the complexities of product lifecycle management. For more than 20 years, Infor PLM Discrete (former PLM 8) has enabled these companies to improve product data management both within their organization and with their outside network of suppliers, sub-contractors / developers, customers, and stakeholders.

By using Infor Discrete Product Data Management to organize and manage their data and resources, manufacturers can better support their product lifecycle management strategy, improving both productivity and performance.

Sigma Chemnitz's expertise in web services and SOA
By patvdv at 23 Oct 2010 - 23:00

About our expertise in web services and SOA


CAD, PDM and ERP systems are often operated as satellite solutions in software environments. This tends to result in data exchange gaps between the engineering department (product data in the CAD and PDM system) and the business planning department (logistics data in the ERP system) and hence a data inconsistency and a high error rate.


The solution is to use web services. These services are responsible for data exchange between BaaN IV, BaaN 5, Infor ERPLN and third party applications (such as SolidWorks® Enterprise PDM, BDE from Interflex etc.) and carry out predefined tasks of the business logic


The big advantage is the universal use of individual web services, if the integrated business logic is required for other processes.

SIGMA is your partner for web services. SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH has developed a range of web services that contain basic business processes.


For example:

Sigma Chemnitz becomes a frontpage sponsor on baanboard!
By patvdv at 8 Mar 2009 - 18:24

Sigma Chemnitz LogoI am happy to announce that Sigma Chemnitz has joined our site as the latest frontpage sponsor. Please visit their website at


About Sigma Chemnitz:

SIGMA Chemnitz is an experienced provider of IT systems and software solutions. Our company was founded in 1990 and offers a wide range of professional Infor / Baan services. We employ about 50 highly qualified professionals. Our experts help the customer to implement the Infor PLM and ERP solution. We help you to develop integrated business processes from engineering and product design (PLM) to logistics (ERP) and finance.

We optimize as well as customize the software to fully satisfy customer needs. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and are continuously reviewing and updating our processes in order to be the best company we can be. If you looking for an Infor PLM solution contact us and we'll be glad to make your software implementation a success.

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