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Advanced Excel Training resources
By Hitesh Shah at 20 Feb 2009 - 07:44

Advanced Excel Training blog 

Spreadsheets are great number-crunching analytical tools. Knowing it’s analytical capabilities and generating MIS speedily with such spreadsheets, is very critical to success of any manager. And it’s successful usage ensures insights unlimited, ingenuity guaranteed and intelligence free from any shackles. And this in turn leads to lean and mean system architecture least recurring costs while maximizing gains.

Here is a blog to sharpen one's MS Excel analytical skills of Baan and ERPJewels users with lots of training material for MS Excel. Though most  training material is specific to Office 2007, it can be useful for earlier (or even later) versions for most compatible features and functions. One can download this MS Excel training resources from this link. The zip file contains following documents. 

Customer / Supplier financial analysis in pivot table
By Hitesh Shah at 7 Feb 2009 - 13:17

Now it is becoming increasingly clear that users need liveliness and interactivity on static data from OLTP. This is possible through multi-dimensional modeling available in free-form pivot table or cube structures. As there are not many cube applications and not many established routines to populate cubes incrementally periodically automatically, report-directly-in-excel is becoming vogue.  Though most summarized multi-dimensional modeling cab be done easily with old MS Excel 2003, with excellent enhancement in MS Excel 2007, scalability and liveliness has increased manifold in pivoting (multi-dimensional modeling using pivot table).

All that one need is accurate, reliable and relevant figures side-by-side in CSV format for all dimensions / measures to follow report-directly-in-excel-with-data-dict-advantages strategy. For example, here is a baan report which gives all important dimensions/measures related to customer financial behavior.


Here is the list of dimensions:


Funds Flow statement in Excel Pivot Table directly from Baan
By Hitesh Shah at 30 Jan 2009 - 04:54

Just-do-it-in Excel has been long time successfully deployed strategy deeply embedded in ERPJewels tool of Jewelex. Now  there are many takers and followers for the same. One can vouch this in Just-do-it-in-excel. Reasons for this are not far to seek.

Ledger Balance Trends/Movement in Excel Pivot table directly from Baan
By Hitesh Shah at 14 Jan 2009 - 18:31

According to many experts , MS Excel is omnipotent for analytical purposes . MS Excel Pivot table is versatile for all analytical and reporting purposes in Baan.


Ledger balance trends is a direct pivot table output from Baan . Functional description of the session generating this output and sample excel output are attached. The program use the ERPJEwels tool . Getting such analytical reports  in Excel takes lot of manual effort . Those who require such analytical reports directly from Baan in Excel pivot table, can contact us (mentioning their company name and baan version) for installation, training, consulting and add-ons like such reports  to us .


Those who do not use Excel / ERPJewesl too can use such add-ons  and integrate the same with their office versions. The numbers / ledgers / unit in the sample output are replaced with random numbers for valid reasons . If one sees , liabilities and income are positive whereas it should be negative and final grand total should be 0 .


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