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function keys on oracle linux not working with ba6.2 interface
By Harrie65 at 5 Oct 2016 - 15:20

We did migrate our Baan applicationserver from OS Solaris ( BaanIV c4 portingset  6.1c.07.10) to Oracle Linux (Baan IV c4 portingset 9.1a)

On Solaris the function keys ( created in session ttaad2109m00) are working for the GUI and the ASCII interface (ba6.1)

On the new Oracle Linux the function keys only work for the GUI and not for the ASCII interface (ba6.2)

What could be the reason why this is not working anymore for the ba6.2 interface.  ( only F6 and F10 are working)

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by günther on October 10, 2016 - 7:32am

On unix systems, there are two "databases" that contain Information about terminal settings: terminfo and termcap; refer to man terminfo an man termcap for more details.

To start, check the Settings of your $TERM variable. Say its "xterm". On terminfo based systems, run infocmp to get the current Information about that terminal type, e.g. kf1=\EOP.

Check what key sequences your terminal really sends:
$ od -c [press enter]
[press F1]
[press control-D]
0000000 033 [ 1 1 ~ \n

That means <ESC>[11~, which does not match <ESC>OP.

Hope that peace of Information will help you.


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