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select item 1 must be bound explicitly / ml_one_lang(tipcf060.dsca, tccom140.clan) :var
By Remco_Smeets at 17 Feb 2015 - 16:16

Hello i am trying to get the following array filled with info from the tipcf060.dsca

extern domain  tcmcs.s999 dsca.str, var

extern domain tcmcs.str5   lang


    lang = tccom140.clan

for z1 = 1 to MAX.TEXT
        dsca.str(1,z1)= ""
    z1 = 1
    if tpest200.cpva = 0 then
        if tpest200.txta = 0 then
            item.txt = tcibd001.txta
            item.txt = tpest200.txta
            item.str = str$(item.txt)        
        select    tipcf500.*
        from    tipcf500
        where    tipcf500.cpva = {:tpest200.cpva} and
            tipcf500.refo = {:tpest200.cprj}
            select    tipcf520.*
            from    tipcf520
            where    tipcf520.cpva = {:tipcf500.cpva}
                select    ml_one_lang(tipcf060.dsca, lang) :var
                from    tipcf060
                where    tipcf060.cpft = {:tipcf520.cpft} and
                    tipcf060.copt = {:tipcf520.copt}
                    z1 = z1 + 1
                    dsca.str(1,z1) = strip$(trim$(tipcf060.dsca))
        item.dsca = trim$(dsca.str(1,z1))



the script runs fine up to the "ml_one_lang" par, i cant get this compiled without putting an actual string there instead of lang (for example "EN")

the problem that occurs if i dont use  the "ml_one_lang"  function is that i get the dsca for every language in the system, and it overloads my Unfortunately also only with spaces. so i need to find a way to get the language specific string.

Preferably based on the language from tccom140.clan


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