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Merino Consulting Services and ITWARE announce strategic alliance to dominate M. Eastern Market with Infor Business Solutions
By rishibansal at 27 Jul 2010 - 05:49

Merino LogoWindermere, FL United States of America and Dubai, UAE - July 16, 2010, ITWARE LLC, Dubai, UAE a long time Infor ERP channel partner and service provider for Infor customers in ME Region (ITWARE) and Merino Consulting Services one of the largest Infor ERP LN/ Baan partners (MERINO) today with presence across Asia Pacific , EMEA and America’s announced strategic alliance to dominate the Middle Eastern market with Infor Business Solutions


Strategic Alliance is driven by the complementing strengths of the two organizations. ITWARE with strong local presence in Middle East with years of experience in working with Baan / ERP LN customers in the region which brings strong local flavour to the relationship, while MERINO with its one of the largest Baan / ERP LN teams, strong delivery strengths, proven On Site/ Off Site/ Off Shore Delivery Model and Global experience makes this alliance as compelling option for existing and new customers for Baan and ERP LN.


As part of this relationship ITWARE would utilize its local presence for customer relationship and sales & marketing while MERINO will compliment with its strong domain knowledge, Baan & ERP LN skills to support with pre sales, implementation, migration, training certification, on site support and offshore outsourced support to all the existing Baan and LN customers as well as aggressively promote Infor solutions like ERP LN, Workflow, Barcodes, PM 10 and EAM in the Region to these prospects and customers. Together both the organization plan to focus on net new account wins for Infor with Infor ERP LN. The relationship will boost Infor license revenue as well as number of net new account wins in the region.


“We are very happy to partner with MERINO team for the ME Region as MERINO has one of the largest Infor ERP LN skill sets and have been very  successful in delivering new LN and Baan migration projects on time with a very high rate of customer satisfaction  in the last few years.  I am sure that this partnership would add value to all our long time Infor customers in the Region as well as bring in new Accounts  to Infor and we look forward to a very successful partnership with MERINO in the years to come”
N. Ramkumar- Director, Business Development and Consulting, ITWARE, Dubai, UAE


“We always considered Middle East as an important region as part of our global strategy. ITWARE relationship gives us strong local presence in the region to offer our services. This relationship will benefit existing customer with our strong delivery strengths. We plan to focus a lot on net new account wins with ERP LN. We shall soon launch marketing campaigns as part of this initiative. We are also planning to scale up our delivery team to support requirements in the region.”
Rishi Bansal- Vice President- Global Business, Merino Consulting Services, Windermere, FL United States of America




ITWARE  L.L.C, Dubai, UAE  was started in the year 2003 by IT and Finance professionals with more than 2 decades of vast knowledge in ERP and supply chain domains in the Gulf Region to provide high levels of product sales, consulting and support services for ERP solutions in GCC countries. The current management team and one of its Directors have been working closely along with Infor Middle East in various capacities dating back to 1994 from the first installation of Baan.
ITWARE is a dedicated and committed Infor channel partner providing ERP solutions for Baan IV, Baan V, ERP LN, Infor ERP Syteline and Visual Customers in the ME Region.  ITWARE also has niche solutions for integration of third party applications with Infor ERP products like Van Sales, Hand held solutions, Retail, Factory automation, HRMS etc and is proud to be associated with many successful Infor customers in GCC. ITWARE feels that the success behind retaining and growing its satisfied customer base of ERP clients lies in understanding their business issues with regular and close interactions over the years and providing the solutions and expertise to help the business optimize its productivity.


Please visit for further information on our solutions and services


About MERINO Consulting Services


Merino Consulting Services Inc. (MCS) is a Business Consulting and IT Services organization. We provide value-added services as a Partner-to-Progress with our valued customers and business associates. MCS specializes in designing and implementing high impact business solutions.

MCS is a global organization operating in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

As partners to progress, we believe in a long term relationship with our customer. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the business benefits they expect from the investments in their business solutions. It is our passion that drives us to consistently deliver value added Business Consulting services to our customers. We strive to assist our customers advance and enhance their technology initiatives.

MCS's utmost commitment lies in the 'Edification' we provide to our customers and that is reflected in our widely stated belief, 'Partner to Progress'. Our team members welcome challenges and fresh ideas, hence innovation and creativity in execution comes naturally at MCS.

MCS is part of the $150 M Merino Group with diversified business interests in manufacturing modular furniture, High-Pressure and Low-pressure Laminates and Farm-to-Plate segments among others.

MCS’ experience with over 80 Infor ERP LN and Baan customers across the world places us as one of the largest, successful, and committed Infor partners.


Please visit for further information on our solutions and services

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