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As a Customer What would do to keep your ERP Implementation intact
Proactively define Business Process-- Take the Project Ownership
Handover everything to System Integrator from drawing BP till implementation of ERP
Hire more inhouse skilled & capable IT Resource to work directly with SI
Rely on SI Architects/Consultants
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vBulletin 3.5 features
By patvdv at 3 Feb 2008 - 05:39
  • Product/Plugin system with over 550 'hook' locations strategically
    placed in the code. Allows modification and extension of vBulletin
    without physical alteration of the vBulletin PHP scripts.
  • Inline moderation allows multiple threads or posts to be
    have moderation actions performed without a visit to the admin or
    moderator control panels
  • Completely rewritten message editor with ability to instantly switch between standard and WYSIWYG modes
  • Thread title editing on forumdisplay via AJAX
  • Thread opening and closing on forumdisplay via AJAX
  • Super-Quick Reply on showthread via AJAX
  • Inline post edit on showthread via AJAX
  • Username suggestion for PM recipients and search by user via AJAX
  • Data manipulation APIs (Data Manager) for centralized data saving
  • Template History & Comparison for easy tracking of changes
  • Database-based thread and forum read marking
  • MySQL Full Text Search
  • Additional Datastore Storage Methods
  • SMTP Mail Wrapper
  • MySQLi Wrapper
  • PHPDoc'd Source Code
  • Moderator log language abstraction
  • Webkit support for style manager color picker
  • ImageMagick 6 Support (alternative to GD)
  • Calendar events support start/end times
  • Custom avatar and profile picture resizing
  • Profile pictures can be saved to filesystem
  • Statistics ordering
  • Each attachment image type can be individually set to generate thumbnails or not
  • Each attachment image type can be individually set to open in a new window or not
  • Moderated posts and threads do not contribute to post count until approved
  • Language chooser in footer
  • New bbcode parser now corrects invalid tag nesting to ensure valid HTML
  • New [attach] bbcode tag for placing attachments inline with messages
  • New [noparse] bbcode tag for disabling bbcode parsing within
  • Word wrap excludes contents of PHP/CODE/HTML blocks
  • Search engine spider configuration via XML file
  • Attachment upload via URL in addition to local upload
  • New (hopefully foolproof) method for setting cookiepath/cookiedomain
  • Forum description field no longer limited to 250 characters
  • Completely rewritten Paid Subscriptions system - now known
    as Payment APIs. New support for 2checkout, Worldpay and
  • Threads containing posts awaiting moderation have indicator icon on forumdisplay for moderators
  • Right-to-left language support improved
  • Additional 'Execute SQL' auto-queries added
  • Image verification for sendmessage to avoid spam issues
  • Improved registration image verification to out-fox those pesky bots
  • Control panel navigation controlled by XML for easier addition of links
  • Upgrade system now imports styles/languages/options only after upgrade complete rather than after each script
  • Ability to preview signature edits
  • Calendar event email reminders
  • And of course, numerous bugs and annoyances resolved.
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