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By ckassab at 18 Apr 2008 - 16:05

The intention of this document is to answer the most common questions from users about BOBS, if you have any question not answered here, please send an email to



What is BOBS?

BOBS is the effort to create and interface for Baan to be connected to other applications at a similar way that baan open world does but with a low cost and still being effective.


How BOBS works?

Lets see how BOBS operate and you will see how it works. After checking/modifying the configuration file BaaNOleBrokerServer.config:


  • You start BOBS application, the exec file.
  • Now you must start the server, clicking on "Start Server" button, it will start the TCP Server, will start the Baan client and will keep listening the network.
  • When BOBS receive a requirement, firs it create a lock, to only let a connection to baan at a time, to avoid posible errors when calling the API.
  • BOBS sends a "OK" signal if the process was succesfully completed.


How do i install and run the binaries?

First you need to install some prerequisites:


  • Microsoft .Net runtime 2.0
  • Baan client.

After install the prerequisites, you must extract BOBS zip file (see Baan OLE Broker Server) to a directory wherever you want.

Now edit the configuration file BaaNOleBrokerServer.config and set the values for you, let the BaaNConnection parameter as is.

Start BOBS Exe file

Click on "Start Server" button, you will be asked for the baan user and password to use, BOBS use the configuration that you have set as default in the baan client.

Now BOBS is ready to serve requests, the only things left is a development to see BOBS in action.


What baan configuration will use BOBS

BOBS will use the configuration that you set as default in the baan client.


Why is BOBS developed using .NET

I know many people do not like Microsoft but .NET is a great environment to work and a very easy one.


Is BOBS being used in a production environment?

Yes, BOBS is currently starting to serve a production B2B application that create sales orders on the Internet at a company called Mexicana de telecomunicaiones in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The environment is BaanIV.


What baan versions are supported?

At the moment of writing this FAQ, the environments are BaanIV and BaanV


I like BOBS, where to go for help if i get stuck?

The folks in baan board will open a thread on the forum, you can go there, when I have the link i will update this FAQ.


How do I develop my first application?

Follow the steps in the document example client using BOBS.pdf (see Baan OLE Broker Server)

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