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What do you expect from your SI Implementation partner for the success of ERP implementation.
Bring best practices - Not to offer more CR's Leveraging standard functions
Need more honesty to work with the Users until their processes are fully mapped & Users are trained
Focus on process automation/ integrations/ Real time data/ BI analytics
Stick to basics
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result is 0 trying to integrate with calculator simple example of wsdl
By marwa.afifi181 at 20 Oct 2022 - 12:29

Can any one helppp me what's wrong on this code tring to integartion with simple calculate wsdl example but the result is zero 

help please


|* tcmcs8889  0  VRC B61U a  info


|* Installation user                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

|* 2022-10-19


|* Main table tcmcs888 Country Currency Test, Form Type 1



|****************************** declaration section ***************************



table ttcmcs888 |* Country Currency Test


domain tcid id.x 

domain tcinta inta.x 

SMTP eMessage Connector
By Karnisoft at 13 Sep 2022 - 09:34
Please help me to out of this problem. 
When I want to send mail from the standard below message showing. Also when I add another mail id who is not a user for him also this message coming. Can you help me to send a details document about SMTP(Overall parameter settings related) ? I follow infor LN document but it's not help me to out of this problem. 

How to Re-open PO status Cancel
By Leo Hau at 5 Sep 2022 - 01:39


My user have accidently click to cancel PO. If want to open back, how to open it?

Can someone teach me?


Thank you for you help. 

How to retrieve command button in Action
By Karnisoft at 22 Aug 2022 - 08:51

How to retrieve standard command button in Action/Reference. It's not hidden from Personalize Session Menu.


Thanks & Regards,


BOM Remove but still can show at Item Order Plan
By Leo Hau at 10 Aug 2022 - 05:29

Hi, I'm new in Infor LN,


 I have a issues here that the one item of the BOM have already remove but at the Item Order Plan still show the forecast there, how to check it, please advise to solve it


Thank you for your help. 

Infor Best Practices
By cute_kanku at 9 Aug 2022 - 08:05

Dear Everyone,  I hope you are doing well.  It's been a long time since I posted something on baanboard.  This offer is for Infor customers, If you are planning or implementing Infor & looking for best practices. Pls get in touch with me.  I will provide you with a list containing important points to reduce your manual efficiency & increasing productivity.  Note: I will not share the list to consulting companies or individuals.  Drop me a note & I will reply  Many Thanks  Regards Praveen

SO in one Currency & Invoicing in another currency
By cute_kanku at 1 Apr 2022 - 09:55

Dear All, 




Appreciate your help. 


Is there a provision to incorporate Sales Process in one currency & Invoicing in another in Infor LN? Note: As per local compliance, we need this solution. No workaround please. 



Summary of BAAN tables
By kewlboy2 at 21 Jul 2021 - 09:42

Hello everyone,

 I'm a new BaaN user and I would like to skill up in development. 

Thus, I'm looking for a complete list of BaaN tables (and associated description). I've been browsing this forum for few days now but impossible to find what I'm looking for...

 Thank you in advance for your help Cool


How many MLE languages are supported in LN tools latest porting set (Porting set Version is 9.3j&Tools ES10.7(
By kbabu1 at 19 Jul 2021 - 07:20

How many MLE languages are supported in LN tools latest porting set (Porting set Version is 9.3j&Tools ES10.7(

 Is there a limitation to the number of languages that customer can enable in LN 10.7?

one of the clients' has faced fatal error issue in their LN FP7 on porting set 8.9 when they increased the languages from 8 to 11.

Key Points to consider for Faster ERP Implementation
By cute_kanku at 21 Jun 2021 - 08:32

Dear All,


 I have achieved a great milestone of completing an exciting Infor Cloud suite implementation (One of the Largest in Infor history).  Let’s work together with Customer to achieve the goal of Digital Transformation. Bring the integrity & honesty to change the mindset for the adoption of Change. No point is changing the Technology If the people are reluctant. Encourage Verticals to address the challenge of preparing Business plan, then go for Technology, SI should also work with sincerity to complete the Project within the stipulated period. Hire well equipped Managers, Consultants who can go beyond to cover the gaps.

During this Journey I have realized that with some key points we can bring enormous transformation.

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