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Old 13th January 2003, 23:18
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Launch exchange scheme from custom session.

I was recently asked to give somebody of our EDI group access to the exchange module, so that she could perform imports as required.

Since I am reluctant to give anybody access to exchange for obvious reasons, I decided to write a session that would limit exchange capabilities to a single (predefined) script and grant access to this session instead.

Below is the code that I used in the script for this session. The form really only requires a start button, but you can make that as fancy as you wish.

|****************************** declaration section ***************************

| Includes
	#include "ituxch0224"	
	#include <bic_tt>	

| Variables normally found on form, all made extern
	extern	domain tuxch.cxch	cxch.f		fixed	| Exchange scheme (mandatory)
	extern	domain tuxch.cxch	cxch.t		fixed	| 
	extern	domain tuxch.cbat	cbat.f		fixed	| Batch
	extern	domain tuxch.cbat	cbat.t		fixed	| 
	extern	domain tuxch.pint	seqn.f			| Sequence Number
	extern	domain tuxch.pint	seqn.t			| 
	extern	domain tuxch.yesno	comp.yn			| Change Company Number
	extern	domain tuxch.comp	scr.comp		| Company No.
	extern	domain tuxch.redo	redo.type		| Type of redo xch scheme
	extern	domain tuxch.yesno	error.rej.yn		| Include error rejected recs in redo
	extern	domain tuxch.yesno	cond.rej.yn		| Include conditional rejects in redo

| Program variables
		string			SCHEME(8)		| Exchange Scheme to be run
		string			BATCH(8)		| Batch to be run
|		long			SEQN			| Sequence Number to be run

|****************************** program section *******************************

	SCHEME = "ODYEDIBP"		| Exchange scheme to be activated by session
	BATCH = "10"
|	SEQN = 10
	| Set exchange type to non-regular
	xch.type = nre.import
	| Set key value
	ukey = generate.unique.key()
	| Set form variables
	cxch.f = SCHEME
	cxch.t = SCHEME
	cbat.f = BATCH
	cbat.t = BATCH
	seqn.f = 0
	seqn.t = 9999
	scr.comp = get.compnr()
	redo.type =
	skip.yn = no
	suppress.yn = no	
	error.rej.yn = no
	cond.rej.yn = no
	uncompress.yn = no

|****************************** form section **********************************

|****************************** choice section ********************************

|****************************** function section ******************************


function extern display.log.table()
	table ttuxch009			| Log table (Batch Lines)

	tuxch009.cxch = cxch.f
	tuxch009.txch = xch.type
	if redo.type = then
		tuxch009.runn = run.num - 1
		tuxch009.runn = run.num
	tuxch009.tryn =, xch.type, 
				tuxch009.runn) - 1 
	if xch.type = nre.import then
		tuxch009.cbat = cbat.f
		tuxch009.cbat = ""
	start.session(MODELESS, "tuxch0509m000", "tuxch0224m000", "")


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