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Old 22nd December 2004, 22:16
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DStroud DStroud is offline
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AFS to load Sales Orders in BaanV

I am trying to create an AFS session to load sales orders into Baan V and I am having a problem adding the sales order line if there is an inventory shortages for the item. When I do this manually there is a pop-up menu and I want to select “No Action” but I can’t figure out how to do this. I know in Baan IV that I would add “stpapi.handle.subproc("tdsls4101s000", "mtdsls000090461", "10")” .

Has anyone running Baan V got this to work? I would really appreciate any help.

Here is my code:

function process.order.line()
	scan.ret = string.scan(in.buff,"%s|%s|%s|%s|%s",
	   	in.order,		| Old Order Number
		in.pos,			| Position (0=header)
		in.item,		| Item
		in.qty,			| Order Quantity
		in.whse)		| Warehouse
	stpapi.handle.subproc("tdsls4100s000", "tdsls4501m000", "add")
	stpapi.form.command("tdsls4100s000", 5, "to.lines", error.msg)
	ret = stpapi.synchronize.dialog("tdsls4501m000", "add", error.msg)
	if ret then
		stpapi.put.field("tdsls4101s000", "tdsls401.pono", str$(in.pono))
		stpapi.put.field("tdsls4101s000", "tdsls401.item.segment.1", "")
		stpapi.put.field("tdsls4101s000", "tdsls401.item.segment.2", (in.item))
		stpapi.put.field("tdsls4101s000", "tdsls401.oqua", str$(in.qty))
		stpapi.put.field("tdsls4101s000", "tdsls401.cwar", in.whse)
		ret = stpapi.insert("tdsls4501m000", true, error.msg)
		if not ret then
              			ret = stpapi.recover("tdsls4101s000", recover.msg)
			error.msg = "Line Record Added"

Last edited by gfasbender : 23rd December 2004 at 03:21.
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Old 7th January 2005, 21:41
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DStroud DStroud is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 112
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Baan: ERP LN - DB: Oracle and SQL - OS: NT and Unix
AFS for loading Sales ORder lines in Baan 5

Thanks to some help from Baan Support and friends at e-Emphasys I have got the AFS for loading sales order lines in Baan 5 working. The key was in how to handle the menu subprocess. The first issues is make sure you have the correct menu (in my case mtdsls00009047) there are several menus so make sure you select the correct one. Second is the Action ("13") in Baan 5 this is the menu sequence number divide by 10 (sequence number 130 = 13). So if you change the menu the AFS code may need to be changed.

Below is the actual handle for the subprocess that I used.

stpapi.handle.subproc("tdsls4101s000", "mtdsls00009047","13")
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Old 16th April 2005, 09:12
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Baan: Baan IV, Infor LN - DB: oracle 10g, Oracle 9i - OS: AIX, Windows server 2003
Question How to move to next form in Sales Export Header

hi i want to update the Sales Export header Session "tdslsl140s000" it is fine for the first form but does'nt allow to go for next form.

Now how to go for the next form ...

please tell

Thanks and Regards

Darpan Bhansali
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Old 11th August 2006, 14:05
rochus rochus is offline
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Somebody found a solution for ATP-check ?
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