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Old 21st December 2017, 08:41
ytofrance ytofrance is offline
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Import XML file to load sales quotation from another software
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP7 (Infor ERP 10.1)
C/S: None/Unknown


We have a part catalogue with a shop that permit our customer to buy spare parts from a website.
Our shop application generate an XML file for each order that is sent by email.

We are able to retrieve this file and put it automatically on ERP server but I don't know how to load it in ERP.

I would like to load this XML file directly in sales quotation table in order to automatically create a quotation for each web order.

Is there anybody that have an idea how to do it ?

Our XML file is build like below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OrderOverview translation="Vue ensemble devis">
  <AddressOverview alias="livraison" translation="Livraison">
    <Address translation="Adresse" type="SHIPPING" typeTranslation="Livraison">
      <Field alias="NAME" plainValue="Company" translation="Nom">Company</Field>
      <Field alias="STREET" plainValue="Company street" translation="Voie">Company street</Field>
      <Field alias="ZIP" plainValue="Post code" translation="Code postal">Post code</Field>
      <Field alias="CITY" plainValue="City of company" translation="Ville">City of company</Field>
      <Field alias="COUNTRY" plainValue="FRANCE" translation="Pays">FRANCE</Field>
  <BasketOverview alias="overview" translation="Vérification">
    <Basket id="201712-12" locale="fr_FR" translation="Panier">
      <BasketHeader translation="En-tête panier">
        <Field alias="ORDER_NO" plainValue="customer order reference" translation="Numéro de devis">customer order reference</Field>
        <Field alias="URGENT" plainValue="1" translation="Urgence">No</Field>
        <Field alias="ORDERDATE" plainValue="2017-12-05T09:43:56.012+0100" translation="Date">5 décembre 2017 09:43</Field>
        <Field alias="DESCRIPTION" plainValue="another test " translation="Description">another test</Field>
        <Field alias="TYPE" plainValue="1" translation="Type de panier">Devis standard</Field>
      <BasketPositions translation="Positions de panier">
        <BasketPosition translation="Position de panier">
          <Field alias="BEST_NR" plainValue="part_number" translation="Code Article">part_number</Field>
          <Field alias="DESCRIPTION" plainValue="part description" translation="Designation">part description</Field>
          <Field alias="QUANTITY" plainValue="1.000" translation="Qté">1,00</Field>
          <Field alias="AVAILABILITY" plainValue="" translation="Disponibilité" />
          <Field alias="PRICE" plainValue="1.51" translation="Prix Unitaire €">1,51</Field>
          <Field alias="UNIT" plainValue="pcs" translation="Unité">pcs</Field>
          <Field alias="CATEGORIE" plainValue="" translation="Catégorie" />
          <Field alias="DISCOUNTCODE" plainValue="2" translation="Code remise">2</Field>
          <Field alias="DISCOUNT" plainValue="25.00" translation="Remise (%)">25.00</Field>
          <Field alias="COMMENT" plainValue="" translation="Commentaire" />
          <Field alias="DISCOUNTED_PRICE" plainValue="1.13" translation="Prix remisé €">1,13</Field>
          <Field alias="OLD" plainValue="" translation="Ancien Code" />
          <Field alias="REPLACED" plainValue="" translation="Remplacé avec" />
          <Field alias="GESAMTPEIS" plainValue="1.13" translation="Total Ligne">1,13</Field>
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