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Old 30th September 2014, 15:53
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Baan: Baan IV, BaanERP 5.0c, ERP LN - DB: Oracle, SQL - OS: Unix, Linux, Windows
Scheduling Jobs with windows
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP9
DB: SQL Server 2012
OS: Windows 2008
C/S: None/Unknown


I am moving from unix to windows and want to schedule the jobs using the task scheduler and the script startjob.bat.

Problem: The job name has a blank in it, e.g. TEST JOB.
In Unix I could start the job using double quotes :$BSE/etc/rc.startjob "TEST JOB"

If I do the same in Windows, the job is not started. I also tried 'TEST JOB' or `TEST JOB`.

If I rename the job to TEST_JOB (no blank) it works, but there are quiete a few jobs with blanks and I am lazy :-)

Can you help me with the syntax ?

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Old 30th September 2014, 17:21
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Baan: LN FP 1-9, 10.4, a little bit of Baan IV - DB: SQL Server 2008, Oracle - OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Unix

What I did was, create a bat file to run the Jobs. And added the bat files to the Scheduler.

It works with/without spaces:-


set BSE=D:\Infor\FP7LN\bse\
set USER=baan
set BSE_COMPNR=200
D:\infor\fp7ln\bse\bin\startjob.bat REBUILD BALANCES
TASKKILL /IM cmd.exe


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow!
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Old 30th September 2014, 17:50
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Baan: Baan IVc3, IVc4, 5b, 5c, ERP LN 6.1, Infor ERP 10.x - DB: SQL Server, Oracle - OS: Windows, Linux, HPUX, AIX, (a little bit of) Solaris
I haven't tried this, but you can also change the batch file to use "~%1" instead of "%1" for the job argument and pass the argument as "TEST JOB". The "~" should remove the double quotes from the argument.

Vincent Murphy
Senior ERP Consultant
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Old 1st October 2014, 15:57
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lebowski lebowski is offline
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Posts: 132
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Baan: Baan IV, BaanERP 5.0c, ERP LN - DB: Oracle, SQL - OS: Unix, Linux, Windows
Thanks Bushan & Vince.

Unfortunately that didnt work.
Bushan's bat file works only if there is no blank in the job name and Vince's tip brings this message: JOB"" was unexpected at this time.

However, now I just copied the jobs to a new name with underscore (like TEST_JOB). I wasnt aware that all the sessions within the job are copied automatically - if I knew that before I wouldt have bothered you. I thought I have to inser all the sessions afterwards manually....

Thanks again & have a nice day.


P.S.: Maybe it is because of Windows 2012

Last edited by lebowski : 1st October 2014 at 16:00. Reason: P.S. added
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Old 3rd June 2015, 17:12
smusba smusba is offline
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Baan: Baan 1V - DB: Oracle 9i - OS: Windows xp
send me ur team viewer credentials and I will help you.
call me on 966-558802943
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Old 10th July 2017, 19:29
jbaanm jbaanm is offline
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Baan: 4c4 - DB: Oracle10G - OS: AIX5.3
Any of you can suggest how the command line will be in bwc file in windows to use the %1 as user and $2 as Job?


Joy Baba Baan
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Old 12th July 2017, 19:38
rahul ingale rahul ingale is offline
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Baan: baan infor - DB: sql - OS: windows xp
@echo without space parameter %~1
put above line in test file batch.

call this file as wherever the path like
f:\test\test.bat "test job" this will give output as
without space parameter test job

replace %1 to %~1 in batch file where it is used.

the tilde sign after percentange.
this will remove quotes from parameter.

call every job like startjob.bat "test job".

cons:-make sure you call job with quotes (space or without space job name).
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