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Old 14th March 2017, 11:02
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Baan: BAAN 5 - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
Trigger Standard Session from LN Extension
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP11 (Infor ERP 10.5)
C/S: None/Unknown

Hello Team,

Can you please let us know if it is possible to trigger the standard LN sessions from the custom sessions created in LN extensions.
We are looking for a functionality which is similar to using AFS in BAAN Vc for triggering the standard session.

For example, we create a new custom session in LN Studio from which we need to call the standard Sales Quotes session (tdsls8310m000) to automatically create the quotations in LN.

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Thanks & Regards,
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Old 16th March 2017, 13:32
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Baan: LN FP 1-9, 10.4, a little bit of Baan IV - DB: SQL Server 2008, Oracle - OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Unix
Can't you simply create a DLL on LN which will take some parameters and will create the quotation? You can call the DLL from your custom session.


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow!
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Old 19th March 2017, 06:25
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sang1285 sang1285 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Dubai
Posts: 34
sang1285 is on a distinguished road
Baan: BAAN 5 - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
Hello Bhushan,

Are you talking about the standard session DLL which is created using ttstpcreatdll ?

Is this supported in LN 10.5 ?

Thanks & Regards,
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Old 19th March 2017, 10:25
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Baan: 2.2/3.1/4c4/LN6.1 FP6/FP9/HiDox - DB: tbase, ms-sql7, oracle10gV1, 11g - OS: HP-UX, W2K3, SLES
AFS , userexit , DAL

some restrictions for AFS with MT-Sessions
Multi Table Overview
In order to support editing multiple tables, so called 'secondary tables' are introduced.
Secondary tables have a 1:1 relation with the main table. It is not required that there
is a database reference from the maintable to the secondary table.
However it must be possible to fetch a secondary table record through a 4GL-Engine
query extend. Such a fetch must result in zero or one secondary table record.
Comparable to the functionality for the main table, the 4GL-Engine will handle
transactions / reads etc. for secondary tables. A secondary table requires that a DAL2
implementation is available for that table. It will not be possible to use
unmodified 'old' sessions in a MT way. At least some parts of the UI script for the session must change.

Specific Requirements

The query.extend functionality must be handled very carefully. For secondary tables to work properly, it is
necessary to add the complete secondary table record to the session query. Selecting only a part of
the fields will result in data loss. (Fields that are not present in the query will be emptied on save).
Furthermore, the query.extend REPLACE construction must be kept in mind. In the current design
no measures are taken to protect the coupling with secondary tables. A query.extend REPLACE
will destroy the coupling to a secondary table (if the developer doesn’t add the secondary tables as previous).
Also care must be taken to use the “UNREF CLEAR” construction in the query.extend.where clause.
The 4GL-Engine requires that when no reference to a secondary table record is found, the related record buffer is cleared.

When in a DAL script of a secondary table, the corresponding record from the maintable is needed, special
care must be taken to prevent that the DAL of the secondary table overwrites the maintable record which
is already read (and perhaps modified) by the 4GL-Engine. When a new secondary table record is added
within the same transaction with the addition of a new maintable record, the DAL script of the secondary
table record cannot yet fetch this maintable record from the database. Both above mentioned issues will
be handled using the existing function: dal.get.object(). In the DAL script of the secondary table, the
function dal.get.object() must be called to get the required maintable record. The implementation of
this function will make sure that when the keyfields match with the keyfields of the current maintable
record in the 4GL-Engine, no read from the database is done. Instead the 4GL-Engine maintained record is made actual.

The following standard program features are handled differently for secondary tables.

The 4GL-Engine will not generate the queries for retrieving and updating the secondary table records.
The UI script of the application is responsible for passing the correct queries to the 4GL-Engine through
the query.extend functions.
Maintain references and related reference buffers. The UI script of the application is responsible
for filling reference fields referred to by secondary table fields (for instance descriptions).
Secondary tables without DAL2 scripts are not supported.
Auto complete in BW mode will not be available for secondary table fields.
Filters cannot use secondary table fields.
Secondary table fields cannot be shown above the grid as view fields.
The sort order is always based upon the available main table indices and not on secondary table indices.
Running MT sessions through application functionserver (AFS) is not supported.
When a main table record is deleted related secondary table records are not automatically deleted by the 4GL-Engine.
The DAL of the main table is responsible for cleanup of related secondary table records.
AFS functionality is available on LN, but
Use DAL or UE !

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