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Old 17th January 2017, 17:31
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Baan: BaanIVc4, SP15 - DB: ORACLE 10 - OS: HP-UX 11.11
Tracking shared users ID's
Baan: Other/Unknown
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Hello Guys,

Version BaanIVc4 and HP-UX

We have a setup in which the jobs run on batch Id's and they are shared across the team. Now the auditors don't like this. But we cant change the jobs and related scripts, so the users are going to remain as those shared ID's. What is the workaround to make, so that "Job Management" can be given to individual user Id's and tracked. Remember Baan does not allow modifying jobs created by others.

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Old 18th January 2017, 00:39
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Baan: IVc4 - DB: Oracle 9i, Oracle10g - OS: HP Unix 11, Intel RedHat ES
individual jobs

There is a daemon called rc.startjobdm. When this is activated from SO, it will take care of every job created on the company where the daemon logs in will be executed. The job needs to be created as a new task and specify day/time where it will be executed.

If you have several companies that require jobs be executed, you need to create several copies form rc.startjobdm, one pinpoint to a specific log company.

In my case, I have 26 companies in baan, and every of them, needs to execute reports in a daily basis to the management.

Since I use linux, I use cron to activate every daemon for all my companies and when the job end, I use rc.stopjobdm, in order to free some licences during the day.

if you edit $BSE/rc.startjobdm you will see something like this:

# rc.startjobdm, should be located in $BSE/etc
# version 94/06/29 (Erwin Derksen)
#  * added setting of TERM to this file
# version 94/04/21 (initial version)
# script to start a job daemon
# BAMODE=1 : No output to screen.
# Be sure to define the BSE, BSE_TMP and PATH variable, because when started
# from the crontab these variables often are not defined

export BSE BSE_TMP
export PATH

# It turned out that the TERM variable could be unset when running in a cron
#TERM=vt100             ;export TERM

# If you want to use several companies you can create several users for e.g.
# root who probably is running this script. If so, copy this script and use
# the next line to define the USER variable (<root100> is just an example).
USER=bsp    ;export USER
export BAMODE
if [ ${#} -eq "1" ];then
        if [ $1 = "-u" -o $1 = "-U" ];then
                echo "Use : rc.startjobdm [-debug]\n"
        if [ $1 = "-DEBUG" -o $1 = "-debug" ];then
                unset BAMODE

export DS_SERVER
if [ ${#} -eq "1" ];then
        if [ $1 = "-DEBUG" -o $1 = "-debug" ];then
                ba6.1 ttaad5206m000 2>${BSE_TMP}/rc.startjobdmerr
                ba6.1 ttaad5206m000 2>${BSE_TMP}/rc.startjobdmerr &
        ba6.1 ttaad5206m000 2>${BSE_TMP}/rc.startjobdmerr &
The trick is to set variable USER, to the user that will execute the jobs for a specific company.

Hope this helps.
We talk Baan!
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