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Old 13th August 2014, 13:15
kruyoupatel kruyoupatel is offline
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Baan: BaanIV - DB: informix - OS: ms-win\
AFS for Purchase Invoice Transaction to Material Costs session failing

Hello All,

Can anybody help to get correct AFS to execute "tpppc2511m000" session from "tfacp1120s000" session.

I did tried to write AFS but nothing works properly.

I did RnD and was amused to see that standard script calls "tpppc2511m000" session using 3gl.

What actually happens is "tfacp1120s000" session calls tpppc2811m000 through dll using start.session command and this "tpppc2811m000" session has 3gl attached to it which executes "tpppc2511m000" session.

As there is an 3GL intermediate session i am unable to have "stpapi.subproc AFS" call on "tpppc2511m000" session, it opens the session as front end process instead of backend process.
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Old 13th August 2014, 15:24
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mark_h mark_h is offline
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Baan: Baan 4C4 A&D1 - DB: Oracle - OS: Sun Solaris
This is 4c4 code and I do not have source code to look at. This was one of the tougher ones for me to solve - while not the same sessions you mention it does launch tpppc2811m000 to get to 2111m000. This is just a piece of the code - there is a couple of what they call ZRC and AP5 transactions. You will notice that the call to tuddc9120m000 is actually running code to kill a background process, because an actual stpapi.end hangs. Second or third time I had to use this type of kill in some code. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on getting yours running.

function create.zrcb1()
	errmsg = ""
	errmsg1= ""
	| 1.  tfgld1100m000 (Maintain Transactions) 
	| 1.0 Input Batch data

	stpapi.put.field("tfgld1100m000", "tfgld100.year", str$(c.yyyy)) 
	stpapi.put.field("tfgld1100m000", "tfgld100.btno", str$(s.btno))
	rc = stpapi.find("tfgld1100m000", errmsg) 
	| Start Session tfgld1101s000 ... Insert CTR transaction holder
	stpapi.handle.subproc("tfgld1100m000", "tfgld1101s000", "add")
	stpapi.put.field("tfgld1101s000", "tfgld101.year", str$(c.yyyy)) 
	stpapi.put.field("tfgld1101s000", "tfgld101.btno", str$(s.btno))
	stpapi.put.field("tfgld1101s000", "tfgld101.ttyp", "ZRC")
	rc = stpapi.find("tfgld1101s000", errmsg) 
	if rc<>1 then
		errmsg1 = "9." & "ZRC not found"
	stpapi.handle.subproc("tfgld1101s000", "tfacp1110s000", "add")
	stpapi.continue.process("tfgld1101s000", errmsg)"tfacp1110s000",errmsg)

	stpapi.handle.subproc("tfacp1110s000", "tfacp1130s000", "add")	
	stpapi.continue.process("tfacp1110s000", errmsg) | should start 1130 and 1131s
	stpapi.handle.subproc("tfacp1130s000", "tfacp1140s000", "add")		
	stpapi.application.option( "tfacp1130s000", 1, 0, errmsg )	| Approve button
	| Now 1133 is running.
	stpapi.put.field("tfacp1133s000","tfacp101.leac", "CCN")
	stpapi.handle.subproc("tfacp1133s000", "tpppc2811m000", "add")		
	stpapi.insert("tfacp1133s000",1, errmsg)
	select	tdpur951.*, tipgc820.cspa
	from	tdpur951, tipgc820				
	where   tdpur951._index1 = {:tdudi050.orno,
				    :tdudi050.line}  and	
		tipgc820.cprj = tdpur951.cprj and		
		tipgc820.butm = tdpur951.butm and
		tipgc820.sbtm = tdpur951.sbtm and
		tipgc820.prog = tdpur951.prog and
		tipgc820.eser = tdpur951.eser and
		tipgc820.unfr <= tdpur951.eseq and
		tipgc820.unto >= tdpur951.eseq
	as set with 1 rows
	stpapi.put.field("tpppc2111m000","tpppc211.cprj", tdpur951.cprj)
	stpapi.put.field("tpppc2111m000","tpppc211.item", "MISC MATL")
	stpapi.put.field("tpppc2111m000","tpppc211.cspa", tipgc820.cspa)
	stpapi.put.field("tpppc2111m000","tpppc211.ccco", "287")
	stpapi.put.field("tpppc2111m000","reasoncode", "BUY")
	stpapi.insert("tpppc2111m000",1, errmsg)
	if not isspace(errmsg) then	
		errmsg1 = "9a" & errmsg
	baan.sess = "tpppc2811m000"
	rc = activate("tuddc9120m000")	

GO Cards!
My latest mantra - make sure you have latest stpapi patches and the latest session object. If on LN then please explore the option of using DAL2 functionality.

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