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Old 30th April 2012, 11:23
raikar_raviraj raikar_raviraj is offline
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Baan: IV c4, ERP Ln 6.1 - DB: SQL Server, Informix - OS: Windows 2003, Unix
Service Contract Renewal
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP3


Initially we created a contract for 24 months. This Service Contract was cancelled after 4 months because the customer did not pay.

Now customer calls back again, pays the dues and wants to continue with the service contract, so what the user has done is he created a new contract with pending duration of the initial contract ( 20 months), but after this 20 months the contracts needs to be renewed again for 1 year.

So what the user tries to do is:
Create contract with duration = 20 months in Terms tab through session tsctm3100m000.

And in contract changes tab under contract renewal period field put 1 year.

Test Server Simulated Case
After this Configuration lines is created, here the effective date and expiry date is as in the contract header i.e for 20 months.

Below is the effective date and expiry period of both service contract and configuration line no 10.

Effective date : 30/04/2012
Expiry Date : 29/12/2013

Now when we try to activate the contract changes, the system show the following message.

"The effectivity of Configuration Line 10 must fall within the effectivity period of Service Contract <Service Contract No>"

The below case is in production server and same case when simulate in test server we get the scenario as stated above.

Production Server Case
If we check the configuration lines it takes the dates with renewal period and not the Service Contract Period .

Duration of Service Contract
Effective date : 30/04/2012
Expiry Date : 29/12/2013

Duration of Configuration Lines
Effective date : 30/04/2012
Expiry Date : 29/04/2013

If we try to change the expiry date in Configuration Lines from 29/04/2013
to 29/12/2013 it gives the following error message :

"Configuration Line expiry date must be earlier or equal to the expiry date of the header".

Please let me know how do we tackle the issue, if this is a bug and any standard solutions needs to be installed to fix this issue. Is there any other way out to handle the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Raviraj Raikar

- re-think Different
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Old 30th April 2012, 21:02
EdwinvdBorg EdwinvdBorg is offline
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Netherlands
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Baan: 2.2, 3.1, b40, b50, b51, ERP LN FP3, ERP LN FP7, ERP LN 10.2.1 - DB: ALL - OS: ALL
In order to find out whether this is a bug and a standard solution is needed, you should log a case with Infor Support first. This will be the quickest way to sort out what needs to be done.

Moderator BaanBoard
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Old 4th May 2012, 10:10
radhagkrishna radhagkrishna is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 30
radhagkrishna is on a distinguished road
Baan: ERP Ln 6.1 - DB: SQL Server - OS: WIN 98

I also observed the same situation in Contract changes. See details below.

Renewal is always for the Contract period. In case if we change it manually according to our requirement, the configuration lines will work based on renewal period. See the example below.

Scenario 1:

Effective date: 30/04/2012
Expiry Date: 29/12/2013
Contract period: 20 months
And Renewal is: 20 months.

In the above scenario you won’t face any problem. Because Renewal period is equal to Contract period.

In case if the Renewal period is only 12 months, system will treat the configuration duration as 1 year, though the contract period is 20 months.

And also we can enter renewal field when we create the contract. Try to create a contract and attach configuration lines etc... Then go to renewal field and remove and select the same field again. Then system will directly take the contract period as renewal period. We cannot modify that field also.

This is what I explored from system and system behavior. Unfortunately I did not get chance to log an incident with Infor. But practically speaking, this is a bug. It does not solve business requirment. Please log an incident to Infor for the solution. I would be happy, if you can let me know the solution from Infor.

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