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Old 26th September 2008, 19:49
gget79 gget79 is offline
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When DAL 1 or DAL 2 in Infor LN 6.1
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Hi experts,

I am working with Infor LN 6.1. I have worked with Baan Vc before, I know that in this version appears the DAL 1 scripts, I understand about this. I now am working with Infor LN 6.1 in this version appears the DAL 2 scritps but the type scripts DAL 1 also exist.

My question is

When must I use DAL 1 or DAL 2 in LN 6.1?

This question is for that I know that DAL 2 is a updated version of DAL 1 version.

Somebody can help me?

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Old 26th September 2008, 20:23
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NPRao NPRao is offline
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The latest programmer's manual has a good introduction on the DAL2
Extended DAL (DAL2)

In Infor ERP LN the DAL concept is introduced to centralize integrity checks. One of the goals is to be able to re-use these integrity checks rather than implementing them again and again. In practice however, it appears that these integrity checks are hard to re-use in the UI layer. As a result, a lot of business logic is programmed in the UI scripts. Another problem is that since developers often only test the application via the User Interface, the DAL on its own is not well tested.

It also appeared that it is very hard to use the current DALs for Integrations via Baan OpenWorld, because too often business logic is spread across the DAL and the UI scripts.

The DAL2 concept is introduced to tackle these issues. With DAL2 a number of new hooks is introduced that make it possible to define the integrity checks in such a way that they are easier to re-use. One of the major benefits is that the 4GL engine now re-uses these hooks to perform automatic disabling/enabling of fields and commands.

Another important improvement is that DAL2 makes it possible to define field dependencies in such a way that they can be used to determine correct values for fields that are not known by other components. Until now (in the Corelli Release), this was already possible for external products that Integrated with Infor ERP LN using Baan OpenWorld. The DAL2 concept now makes it possible to re-use the field dependencies in the Infor ERP LN application as well. Also, the 4GL engine makes use of the defined field relations in order to determine default values in the User Interface.
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Old 26th September 2008, 21:20
gget79 gget79 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 263
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Baan: 5 - DB: ORACLE - OS: UNIX

Yes, I understand you, but my question is focused to is there any situation for I use DAL 1 or DAL 2 in LN or always I would have to use DAL 2 in LN.

Is there any situation in LN for I use DAL 1 in Ln?
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Old 29th September 2008, 11:24
ARijke ARijke is offline
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If you build something new then use DAL2. Only stick to DAL1 when it is an existing dal and you don't want to take the upgrade 'costs'.
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Old 27th May 2009, 09:03
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ashu2814 ashu2814 is offline
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Baan: Baan 6.1 - DB: sql - OS: win2003
use Dal2.........
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Old 27th May 2009, 10:23
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wiggum wiggum is offline
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If you make a new DAL you should always use DAL2. DAL1 is only used if the standard was not already transfered to DAL2.
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