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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Old 4th January 2008, 19:03
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Baan: BaaN IV C4 - DB: SQL Server 2005 - OS: Windows 2003 SP2
Unhappy Could be printing issues between Windows Domains??
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: SQL Server 2005
OS: Windows 2003
C/S: None/Unknown

We recently upgraded and migrated our Baan application. We went from IVc3 to IVc4 and from an Oracle db to SQL Server. Our setup looks like this:

Users and Printers Domain1
Baan app Server and SQL Server Domain2 - these were built in a different domain because there are plans to move all PCs/Users to this domain but that hasn't happened yet.

We are having some huge issues with users randomnly/intermittently getting hung up in sessions. We seem to have narrowed it down to printing issues. If a user is running a session that updates the database i.e. finalizing batches in Finance or Generating outbound data, the data operations complete but the user is stuck with an hourglass while the report for that session is trying to display or go to a printer. We also have issues with users just running report sessions like Print Production Orders - they can choose their device, hit continue then hourglass. Now, this is intermittent! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Things we've done:
-put IP addresses in for the print server on some print devices in Baan
-make the users login in with domain\username - this is not foolproof as we cannot prevent them from just using their username
-there is a trust setup between the domains and DNS entries on the Baan Server to the DC servers.

I'm at my wits end. Infor isn't sure what's going on, our consultants are going nuts and I'm about ready to take the bridge. Any info or thoughts would be great.

Thanks - Nikkiz
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Old 5th January 2008, 07:02
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Baan: Baan 4c, Infor LN 10.4 - DB: Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2000, 2008, 2012 - OS: RHEL 6, Windows 2003, 2008
Have you tried installing the printer drivers on the Baan Server where the port points to the print server on Domain1?

Secondly, have you tried shifting just the print servers to Domain2?

Last but not least, are the versions of Bwprint on the server and clients the same?

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Old 5th January 2008, 23:48
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Baan: Baan IVc3, IVc4, 5b, 5c, ERP LN 6.1, Infor ERP 10.x - DB: SQL Server, Oracle - OS: Windows, Linux, HPUX, AIX, (a little bit of) Solaris
Your consultants are GOING nuts... you sure they weren't there to start with?

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Old 6th January 2008, 13:06
alexlow alexlow is offline
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Baan: baan until LN - DB: several - OS: both world
should be a 2 way trust set on both side of the domain dc, than add domain1 user grp to your local grp of ur erp server (subject to how u install it)

domain2 baan users should be inside the domain1 group that has access to the print devices.

can create a user "xxx" and set the system login "domain1\xxx". that case xxx will be authenticate by domain1 dc.

good luck

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Old 6th January 2008, 18:40
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Butler
Posts: 189
tnzabo is on a distinguished road
Baan: BaaN IV C4 - DB: SQL Server 2005 - OS: Windows 2003 SP2

thanks for all the replys - I will definitely find out from my network admin what is currently setup and if we can try any of the suggestions.

Vince -

Thanks again - NikkiZ
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