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Old 17th September 2006, 22:07
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2006 Nr. 1

The Newsletter 2006 Nr. 1


0) Introduction
1) OST SSA Baan Education Event in Nice, France [16-18 Oct 2006]
2) Sponsor news
3) Forum & Wiki upgrade news
4) Baanboard shop!
5) Did you know?
6) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction

Hi, baanboard member!

First of all I would like apologize for the late arrival of this (first)
newsletter of 2006. Times have been very busy but I hope that this rather
lengthy newsletter will somewhat make up for the long wait .
For those who have not realized it but with the passing of August 15th,
Baanboard has silently celebrated its 5th birthday. During these first 5 years
many people have come and gone but membership counts and visits are still on
the increase which is an indication that the site is in very good health
thanks to all its contributors and supporters!


1) OST SSA Baan Education Event in Nice, France [16-18 Oct 2006]

Baanboard and OST are excited to announce a unique event for the European Baan
community. OST, a long time member of the Baan and Baanboard community, will be
hosting its Education Symposium in Nice, France from October 14-16.

This educational forum will provide users of SSA Baan with the current
information they are seeking to continually improve their investment in the
product. Spend two days networking and sharing information with members of the
SSA Baan community - it will be time well spent.

For more information, please go to Comments and
questions are well received at our OST SSA Baan Education thread at the
Baanboard site:

We are pleased OST is making this investment in our community and we encourage
everyone who can make it to attend. Customers who attended their US event were
thrilled with the level of education received. Rendez-vous at Nice!


2) Sponsor news

Sponsor activity has been rather busy in 2006. Another sign that our site is
doing well and attracting quite a lot of attention, from both small and big
players in Baan business. Here are the sponsor highlights of 2006 so far:

* Hewlett Packard signed up for a yearly sponsorship during the month of April.

You are welcome to visit the Hewlett Packard site at:

* BridgeLogix has extended its running sponsorship for a full year in June 2006
thereby showing that their commitment to support Baanboard remains strong and
that they see their sponsorship as a great way to put their message across to
current and future customers.

You are welcome to visit the BridgeLogix site at:

* In July, OST USA signed up for a 6-month sponsorship, becoming the first
organization to sponsor an individual forum. OST recently additionally decided
to extend their sponsorship to a forum category, also for a period of 6

You are welcome to visit the OST USA site at:

* Neustro Consulting is the latest organization to join the honourable ranks
of Baanboard sponsors. Neustro Consulting is since the beginning of September
a proud sponsor of Baanboard for the next 6 months.

About Neustro Consulting and their sponsorship:
Prior to forming Neustro Consulting the team had worked together for many years
at Mondi, a division of Anglo-American, the UK FTSE 100 registered company. Not
only did they implement Baan IV and V but they developed an industry vertical
that has many practical applications in other industries. Their expertise in
shop floor data collection and bar-coding has enabled them to deliver ‘real-time’
Baan implementations where Customers are confident enough to give their
Customers direct access to their data through Customer Portals. Martin Roberts,
a director with the company, explained why they chose Baanboard as a primary
marketing source: “It’s clear that Baanboard is the major meeting place for the
Baan community and we know that it’s the quickest way for our profile to be
raised after our transition from in-house to an independent Consulting company’.

You are welcome to visit the Neustro Consulting Ltd site at:


3) Forum & Wiki upgrade news

During 2006, the forum has seen one major and one minor upgrade. In January we
upped the site from vbulletin version 3.0.6 to version 3.5.3. This upgrade came
with a slew of new and improved forum features, most notably the much more
efficient "View New Posts Since Last Visit". More information about this
and other improvements can be found in this forum thread:

Recently, the forum software was upgraded again, this time to version 3.5.5
which paves the way to eventually be able to make the upgrade to v3.6.0. This
is planned to happen before the end of 2006.

During the month of April 2006, we also overhauled the Wiki site and upgraded
to major version 4 of the TWiki software. More information on the upgrade and
new and/or improved wiki features may be found in this forum thread:


4) Baanboard Shop!

Following popular demand, Baanboard now has its own merchandising shop where
you can buy exclusive items such as mugs, bags, t-shirts, lanyards and other
geeky things.

For more information and the announcement on the baanboard shop you can visit
the following forum thread:

You can visit the Baanboard shop itself at:


5) Did you know?

* That now has a forum dedicated to Indian user groups and
localization users? You can visit this forum at the following URL:

* That now has a feature to attach meta information to individual
threads. Such meta information may be the Baan software or OS version that is
part of the subject of the thread. This comes on top of individual user profile
fields that can be set in the User Control Panel. For more information on the
meta tags please refer to the following forum thread:

* That now offers the possibility to sponsor individual forum(s).
This gives organizations the option to support our site with a very small
investment but still with the ability to achieve a similar degree of exposure.


6) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsibility for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2006


Last edited by patvdv : 14th September 2007 at 09:35.
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Old 18th September 2006, 11:55
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Good newsletter; informative, brief & pleasant. thanks!!!
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Old 18th September 2006, 22:46
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux
Thanks Eli

Patrick Van der Veken - Admin & Founder - (c) 2001-2018
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