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Old 3rd June 2005, 09:15
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Converting Time String from time.num()


I just wrote this small define to make the time conversion a little bit easier:
added some more macro's

|You can use it in the sprintf$ function to format the date
|Usage: string = sprintf$(YYYYMMDD, date.num())
|Usage: string = sprintf$(YYMMDD, date.num())
#define			YYYYMMDD	"%D(%04Y%02m%02d)"
#define			YYMMDD		"%D(%02y%02m%02d)"

|This returns a string in the various formats
|Usage: string = YYYY.MM.DD(date.num())
|Usage: string = YYYYMMDD(date.num())
|Usage: string = DD.MM.YY(date.num())
#define			YYYY.MM.DD(
^			sprintf$("%D(%04Y.%02m.%02d)",
#define			YYYYMMDD(
^			sprintf$("%D(%04Y%02m%02d)",
#define			DD.MM.YY(
^			sprintf$("%D(%02d.%02m.%02y)",

|This returns the week and year for a given date
|Usage: string = WW.YYYY(date.num())
#define			WW.YYYY(
^			sprintf$("%D(%02w.%04Y)",

|This returns the given time in a string with desired sign between hours, minuts and seconds
|Usage: string = HHMMSS(time.num(), "<your sign>")
#define			HHMMSS$(act.time, deli)
^			sprintf$("%02d%s%02d%s%02d", act.time/3600, deli,
^				(act.time\3600)/60, deli, (act.time\3600)\60)

|This returns the given time as a long
|Usage: long = HHMMSS(time.num()) |Actual time.num()= 36030 results in 100030
#define			HHMMSS(t)
^			((t/3600)*10000) + (((t\3600)/60)*100) + ((t\3600)\60)

|This returns the seconds for given hour, minute and second (expl. User input)
|Usage: long = SECONDS(10, 00, 00) |10 am = 36000 Seconds
#define			SECONDS(h, m, s)
^			((h*3600) + (m*60) + s)

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Old 27th December 2005, 07:51
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other way

string time1(6)
string time2(8)
string dat(12)
dat = dte$()
time1 = dat(7;6)
time2 = dat(7;2) &":" &dat(9;2) &":" & dat(11;2)
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