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Old 16th December 2004, 00:30
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Question Newbie forum

Just a quick question. Would it be possible (or worth it) to have a forum for Baan newbies? Baanboard's greatest feature is the knowledge transfer that goes on, but for the guys and gals who are new at the "World of Baan" there isn't a nice little place to hang out and talk about the "easy stuff".

A side-effect would be to remove the newie chatter off the "advanced" forums where people are trying to get "real work done".

Just an idea...

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Old 16th December 2004, 04:24
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What is "easy stuff"? How would you define it? I would prefer to just let the newbies post in the regular forums. I like it when someone posts something that I can just reply to off the top of my head. Of course there are not many of those, but that never stops me from posting. Even before I became a moderator I read all of the tools posts - I never know when I will learn something new or cool. You can always skip posts that do not hold your interest or are distracting. Sometimes I wished the newbies would use the search features first, but even that can be daunting at times. Just too much good stuff on this board.

Interested to see what others think?

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Old 16th December 2004, 04:59
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Something missing here would be a FAQ for each forum that's pinned to the top.. looks like there are some in some of the forums, but not like Admin and Databases...

it seems the Wiki has a lot of FAQ style answers.. but there's no link to the forums..

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Old 16th December 2004, 11:51
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Hi all,

The idea of a newbie forum has been offered before and it is a good idea in itself but I have two main concerns with it:

1) As Mark stated it is difficult to determine what is newbie material and what isn't. This requires some strong moderator involvement and follow-up. Apart from that, we risk to separate content that logically belongs together in the same forum although this doesn't have to be a major stumbling block. After all there is the Search feature.

2) If we want to make this a success, we would need some volunteers to drive this. I have tried in the past to launch calls for volunteers to set up a basic Baan FAQ but unless a couple of people step forward it is not going to happen. The Wiki is the perfect place to do such a thing and we can link back and forth from and to the forum is necessary. Adding content to the Wiki is as easy and cheap as chips so that should not deter anybody.

Bottom line is: we need some volunteers who are willing to commit some time to this.

Patrick Van der Veken - Admin & Founder - (c) 2001-2018
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Old 4th January 2005, 08:19
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Markus Schmitz Markus Schmitz is offline
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I agree with Pat and the above. What is a newbee question? Also I would like to avoid a two-class citizen system here of pros and newbees!!!

Finally we should avoid too many diverse forums. Look at the "performance" forum for example. Even though a lot of questions on the baanboard are performance related, most are discussed in the Tools or Database forums.

We should try to have a forum setup, where it is easy understood for anybody, where to post. Otherwise we get all sorts of crosspostings and we do not want that.
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