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Old 30th September 2004, 20:00
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Question Problems with relative date in Job Mgmt

Baan 5.0c

We have been encountering a problem with using the relative dates in batch jobs - just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem or knows of a solution.

As an example:
Job A:
from date: 09282004 00:00:00
to date: 09302004 23:59:59
This setup for a batch job would run without any problems

Same Job (relative dates):
from date: -1 00:00:00
to date: +1 23:59:59

If run only once, this job would report on data from the very start of the previous day, up to and including the end of the next day. However, when it is set up in crontab to run multiple times with these parameters (ie. daily), something strange happens to the from/to dates each time it runs - these run time values "shift" and over time (depends on frequency of the job), certain time frames will be skipped.

I don't know if there's a specific value that the times shift by each time but just for argument's sake, I'm going to say it's 5 hours and 30 minutes and using the above job as an example, we would see something like this:

Run Date From Date/Time To Date/Time
09/30/04 09292004 00:00:00 09302004 23:59:59
10/01/04 09302004 05:30:00 10022004 05:29:00
10/02/04 10012004 11:00:00 10032004 10:59:00
10/03/04 10022004 16:30:00 10042004 16:29:00
10/04/04 10032004 22:00:00 10052004 21:59:00
10/05/04 10042004 03:30:00 10062004 02:29:00

As you can see, the translation of the From/To times keep changing each time the job runs and eventually causes transactions to be missed because we are not using the same start/end times for each run. In a batch job, the only way I can see around this is to either modify the date/time fields via the Change Session Settings session each day in order to "reset" these fields or just to set the job up to run with specific dates & times - again this would have to be modified daily. This pretty much defeats the purpose of running a batch job.

Baan has advised this is not a bug but, for a price, is willing to do a customization for us - I believe this customization will only apply to specific sessions that we've identified as being a problem (ie Generate Outbound). If this is the case, it's a pointless customization since any job that uses the relative date feature will be affected.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Anyone have a solution?

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