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Old 11th September 2003, 17:59
pmahto pmahto is offline
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Baan: CIV - DB: Oracle - OS: WIN NT
Payment of blocked supplier

BaaN allows payment of blocked supplier? I think it should not.
Can anyone put comment on it.

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Old 11th September 2003, 20:36
Jaap Roos Jaap Roos is offline
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Some Help


You must block the invoices individually for payment.

The procedures around blocking invoices are (some helpfile text):
I’m using Baan Vc. In Baan IV this is working more or less the same.

You can also do a test around the status of the pay-to business partner. This status is active or inactive. Currently I do not have access to my system but maybe that have effect too.

Help text for using blocking codes:
By blocking purchase invoices you can exclude invoices from the automatic payment procedure. For example, reasons for blocking an invoice can be incorrect quantities, incorrect prices, or defects found in the received goods.

A purchase invoice can be blocked by linking a blocking code to it. This can be done automatically as well as manually.
To link blocking codes to purchase invoices automatically You can define default blocking codes at two levels:

• Globally, in the ACP Parameters (tfacp0100s000) session
• By business partner, in the Invoice-from Business Partners (tccom4122s000) session

If you define blocking codes for business partners besides a global blocking code, the blocking codes at business partner level override the global blocking code. You can manually change a blocking code when you enter an invoice in the Accounts Payable (ACP) module.
If you defined a default blocking code in the ACP Parameters (tfacp0100s000) session, all registered invoices are automatically blocked by using this default blocking code. If you defined blocking codes by business partner in the Invoice-from Business Partners (tccom4122s000) session, the correct blocking code is assigned to the invoices for each invoice-from business partner. In one of the following sessions you can always remove the blocking code:

• The Purchase Invoices (tfacp1110s000) session
• The Purchase-Invoice Details (tfacp2100s000) session

In the Blocking Codes (tfacp0120m000) session, you can indicate that the blocking code must be automatically removed after approval, so that the approved invoice can be processed for payment.
To link blocking codes to purchase invoices manually If no default blocking code is defined in the ACP Parameters (tfacp0100s000) session, you can manually add a blocking code to an invoice. If a default blocking code is defined, you can always add another blocking code to a particular invoice. You can add a blocking code to an invoice in one of the following sessions:

• The Purchase Invoices (tfacp1110s000) session
• The Purchase-Invoice Details (tfacp2100s000) session
• The Match/Approve Purchase Invoices (tfacp2107s000) session

If an invoice is blocked for payment, this means that this invoice is not selected for payment in the Select Invoices for Payment (tfcmg1220m000) session. When you define a blocking code in the Blocking Codes (tfacp0120m000) session, you can indicate if this blocking code must also block invoices for manual payment. If an invoice is also blocked for manual payment, you cannot even manually add the invoice to a payment batch by using the Payment Advice (tfcmg1120s000) session.

Note When payments are processed in the Bank Transactions (tfcmg2100s000) session and the Anticipated Payments (tfcmg2110s000) session, BaanERP does not check if invoices are blocked, because in these sessions the invoices are registered afterwards.
If you use the extensive purchase invoice matching procedure, BaanERP checks if an invoice is blocked. BaanERP performs this check when you approve an invoice. If the invoice is blocked, BaanERP asks if the blocking code can be removed after approving the invoice.

With Regards,

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