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Old 19th December 2016, 00:06
mpolnz mpolnz is offline
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Do BOD's Need ION?

Hi - I'm trying to get to grips with BOD's as a way to import data into LN10.4.
I'm not clear about the relationship between BOD's and ION.
Do we have to use ION in order to be able to use BOD's to do things like create new Bill Of Material records or is there a way to process a BOD into LN without ION?
Many thanks
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Old 19th December 2016, 12:03
ARijke ARijke is offline
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Yes you need ION. There is an option to handle an incoming BOD manually via tlbct3232m000.
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Old 9th June 2019, 21:12
garias's Avatar
garias garias is offline
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Hello Arijke:

I am working with LN 10.5

As you said in your last post we have the session tlbct3232m000 to test BODs.
In Addition we have the following sessions:
- tlbct3250m000 - BoL Test Tool - Public Layer
- tlbct2210m000 - BoL Test Tool - Private Layer

I would like your confirmation if we really need ION to use the BODs. Since we can test the in a session. Maybe we can use them without installing ION

For example:
In Baan IV and Baan V we have an interface to import New Sales orders (header and lines) from a third party applications.
We are using ascii files (with separators or csv files) and new sessions in Baan to read these ascii files and creating the sales orders using some old fashion technologies as: temporal tables, db.insert, DALs, AFS, etc.

Now we have migrating to LN 10.5 and we want to give an additional progress in this interface.
We want to continue using for now the ascii files (already located in the LN Server) . For now we do not want to change this part.
But inside of the LN we would like to use the Business Objects which come already defined in LN: SalesOrder, SalesOrderBOD, SalesOrderInBOD. We understand that this Business Object already include methods to create new Sales orders.
For know we are interested only in create new Sales Order. And we will processes them manually.

- Can we use the Business Objects (BOD/BDE) without ION ?
- We know that we can test the BOD/BDE with the session tlbct3232m000, tlbct3250m000 , tlbct2210m000 and we know that the BOD are defined to be called for external applications, but can we use them to be called inside of a new Infor Ln Session ?
- How we can get documentation of the Business Objects: SalesOrder, SalesOrderBOD, SalesOrderInBOD to check the differences between them, the methods they have, the parameters, etc.
- We know that the Business Objects are defined to manage XML files. We should change the format of our ascii files to be XML files, or BODs could be defined to read text / csv files ?
- We know that the BODs have to be maintained using Infor LN Studio. We do not need modify them. We only want to call them since they have inside all requested logic to create the header and sales order lines.

Waiting for your information


Gerardo Arias
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Old 11th June 2019, 09:17
ARijke ARijke is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 493
ARijke is on a distinguished road
Baan: Baan IV upto LN - DB: -- - OS: --
Hi Gerardo,
ION is the transport mechanism and it has the capability to start a bshell in LN. Via that (1 or more) bshell BODs are read from LN and and send to LN.
There is no other standard method for this.

You can play around with tlesb3232m000 for getting data processed into LN. The session has the option to read 1 specific BOD (specify the file) and to read multiple (specify the folder).
The BOD structure in general can be found at
The LN specific implementation is documented, BOD mapping pdf files,and can be found in Infor Support Portal.
Also the LN-ION integration guide can give you information on what is available in this area.
Regards, Adriaan
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