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Old 4th August 2017, 08:33
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Baan: Baan IV, Infor LN 10.4 - DB: SQL-Server2000, Oracle, Informix - OS: Windows NT, Unix
Opening balance DLL use
Baan: ERP LN 6.1 FP10 (Infor ERP 10.4)
C/S: Both



how the DLL - tfgld.dll6050.calculate.balances can be used to get opening or closing balance for a ledger a/c / BP at specific data or year period.

what i/ps needs to be passed for a ledger or BP balance.

It any one able to give example will be gr8.

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Old 4th August 2017, 14:23
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Baan: LN FP 1-9, 10.4, a little bit of Baan IV - DB: SQL Server 2008, Oracle - OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Unix
To know about any DLL implementation, you can run session ttstpbaandoc to check the arguments and return values required.

Here's the implementation details of this DLL -

long tfgld.dll6050.calculate.balances( domain tfgld.leac i.ledger.account, domain tccom.bpid, domain tcyesno i.all.companies, domain tcncmp, domain tcncmp, long, domain tcemm.depe i.currency.system, domain tcccur i.form.currency, domain tcmcs.long i.attr.rotate, domain tfgld.crsc i.reporting.code, domain tfgld.year i.selection.year, domain i.period.from, domain, domain tfgld.ptyp i.period.type, domain tcyesno, domain i.dual.acc.indicator, domain tffbs.budg i.budget.code, domain tfgld.dtyp i.dim.type, domain tfgld.dimx i.dim.code, domain tcccur i.transaction.currency, ref domain tfgld.amnt, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.upto.actual, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.upto.budget, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.upto.variance, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.movements.actual, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.movements.budget, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.movements.variance, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.close.actual, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.close.budget, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.close.variance, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.movements.debit, ref domain tfgld.amnt, ref domain tfgld.amnt, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.upto.actual.fc, ref domain tfgld.amnt o.movements.fc, ref domain tfgld.perc o.perc.upto.var, ref domain tfgld.perc o.perc.move.var, ref domain tfgld.perc o.perc.close.var, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan, ref domain tfgld.quan, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.budget.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.budget.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.budget.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.budget.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.budg.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.budg.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.close.balance.var.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.upto.var.q2, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.quan o.movements.var.q2, ref domain tfgld.perc o.upto.percentage.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.perc o.upto.percentage.var.q2, ref domain tfgld.perc o.movements.percentage.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.perc o.movements.percentage.var.q2, ref domain tfgld.perc o.close.balance.percentage.var.q1, ref domain tfgld.perc o.close.balance.percentage.var.q2 )
 Expl    : This function calculates the movements, upto, opening and
      closing balances balances for a given ledger account or
      dimension type/code combination.
Pre    :
Post    :
Input    :i.ledger.account    - Ledger Account    - Business Partnet
     i.all.companies    - Calculate for all companies in the
                   group (Yes/No).        - Calculate for specific company.    - Group company number.    - Number of companies in the
                       company group.
     i.currency.system    - Currency System
     i.form.currency    - Form currency
     i.attr.rotate        - Position of form currency.
     i.reporting.code    - Reporting currency code
     i.selection.year    - Year
     i.period.from        - Period From        - Period To
     i.period.type        - Period Type    - Include Non-finalized
                       transactions in calculation.
     i.dual.acc.indicator    - Accounting Scheme
     i.budget.code        - Budget Code
     i.dim.type        - Dimension Type
     i.dim.code        - Dimension Code
     i.transaction.currency - Transaction currency

Output        - Open Balance Amount
    o.upto.actual        - Upto Balance Amount
    o.upto.budget        - Upto Budget Balance Amount
    o.upto.variance        - Upto Variance Amount
    o.movements.actual    - Actual Movements Balance Amount
    o.movements.budget    - Budget Movements Balance Amount
    o.movements.variance    - Movements Variance Amount
    o.close.actual        - Close Balance Amount
    o.close.budget          - Close Budget Balance Amount
    o.close.variance        - Close Variance Amount
    o.movements.debit    - Movements Debit balance amount    - Movements Credit balance amount    - Open Balance Amount in the foreign
    o.upto.actual.fc    - Upto Balance Amount in the foreign
    o.movements.fc        - Actual Movements Balance Amount in the
                  foreign currency
    o.perc.upto.var        - Upto Percentage Variance
    o.perc.move.var        - Movements Percentage Variance
    o.perc.close.var    - Closing Balance Percentage Variance
    o.upto.q1        - Upto Quantity 1
    o.upto.q2        - Upto Quantity 2
    o.movements.q1        - Movements Quantity 1
    o.movements.q2        - Movements Quantity 2        - Open Balances Quantity 1           - Open Balance Quantity 2
    o.upto.budget.q1    - Upto Budget Quantity 1
    o.upto.budget.q2    - Upto Budget Quantity 2
    o.movements.budget.q1    - Movements Budget Quantity 1
    o.movements.budget.q2    - Movements Budget Quantity 2
    o.close.balance.q1       - Closing Balances Quantity 1
    o.close.balance.q2      - Closing Balance Quantity 2
    o.close.balance.budg.q1 - Closing Balance Budget Quantity 1
    o.close.balance.budg.q2 - Closing Balance Budget Quantity 2
    o.close.balance.var.q1    - Closing Balances Variance Quantity 1
    o.close.balance.var.q2  - Closing Balance Variance Quantity 2
    o.upto.var.q1        - Upto Variance Quantity 1
    o.upto.var.q2        - Upto Variance Quantity 2
    o.movements.var.q1    - Movements Variance Quantity 1
    o.movements.var.q2      - Movements Variance Quantity 2
    o.upto.percentage.var.q1- Upto Percentage Variance Quantity 1
    o.upto.percentage.var.q2- Upto Percentage Variance Quantity 2
    o.movements.percentage.var.q1 - Movements Percentage Variance
                    Quantity 1
    o.movements.percentage.var.q2 - Movements Percentage Variance
                    Quantity 2
    o.close.balance.percentage.var.q1 - Closing Balance Percentage
                        Variance Quantity 1
    o.close.balance.percentage.var.q2 - Closing Balance Percentage
                        Variance Quantity 2


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow!
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