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Old 24th February 2003, 17:41
sweetie's Avatar
sweetie sweetie is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2001
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sweetie is on a distinguished road
SQL2000 Level II driver for BAAN IVc4 wanted

Call for help.

Some weeks ago we migrated from bisam on unix to sql2000 on W2K.

Before we toke this decision we asked Baan about the status of the level 2 driver for sql2000 and Baan IVc4.

Answer : we are working on it.

Starting the migration we asked it again and now the answer was a clear : there will never be a level 2 driver for baan ivc4 sql2000.

No luck. In the discussion with Baan they said that there are only 2 customers asking for this driver.

Therefor this call for help : let all of us send a demand for this driver to Baan.
So in our next discussion with Baan they can't say any more that 2 customers want the driver.

Send this call for help to all admins working with baan IVc4 on sql2000.

Please keep me informed to when you send the demand.

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Old 24th February 2003, 22:37
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Baan: 4c4 MCR - DB: MS SQL Server 2000 - OS: Windows 2003 Server
Funnily enough I logged a case about this today!

I was looking around for soemthing else but chanced upon solution 131609 which contradicted what I had read before and been told by Baan personnel. The relevant bit in the solution, and I quote:

"Baan IV :
Baan has not planned to deliver a level 2 driver for SQL Server 2000 and switching to level 2 mode using porting set 6.1c.06.06 or onwards will not work (despite what is mentioned in solution 129671) !
db_resource file examples for Level 2 shown in document :
U7648A US BAAN IV/BaanERP SQL Server 2000 Upgrade Guide for BAAN IV and BaanERP
are only relevant for iBaanERP.
Reference to level 2 mode in document :
U7210B US Baan IVc Installation Guide for Microsoft SQL Server Version 2000
is not relevant."

I agree with your comment- all users should complain that this change of policy is not acceptable!
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Old 25th February 2003, 03:54
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p.cole p.cole is offline
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Baan: Baan IVc4 SP20, ERP LN FP3 - DB: MSSQL 2005 - OS: W2K3
Me Too!!

I also logged a case with Baan with reqards to L2 support for Baan IVc4, on both MS SQL 7 and MS SQL 2000. After some pretty blunt exchanges I was told there will never be an L2 driver for any version of MS SQL with Baan IV.

No sign of porting set 6.1c.06.07 either. There's something fishy going on - is just a barganing plot to say Baan V supports it and gives x-percent performance/size improvement?
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Old 13th March 2003, 09:50
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sqlbuff sqlbuff is offline
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Baan: All Baan versions - DB: SQL Server - OS: Windows NT and 2000
level2 and baanIV

Hello guys,

There were atleast a couple of threads on in the past telling that level2 is not/will not be available on BaanIV.

The U7648A US document has baan settings for level2 mentioned just for BaanERP and not BaanIV. Since the document was common for BaanIV and BaanERP, it lead to confusion. This is a pure documentation defect and nothing to do with Baan's policies about level2.

The solution 129671 was another communication mistake. Baan development has always told that there will be no level2 driver for BaanIV on SQL7 or SQL2000.

If there are good number of customers who need level2 driver on BaanIV (and if they are willing to pay; considering the effort it may take to make the level2 driver on BaanIV), then I don't think Baan would like to lose the opportunity.

If someone posted on this discussion board that there would be level2 driver for BaanIV, it would have been his/her personal opinion (probably based on the wrong information he/she has) and we can't conisder it to be a word given by Baan itself.

In my opinion, the best way to let Baan know the need for level2 driver on BaanIV is to log cases and let them know the justification (official and not personal) about why it is so important. Once there are sufficient number of customers asking for the level2 driver on BaanIV, then Baan will definitely pay necessary attention and take necessary action.

Thanks & Regards,
You can't recover from a problem you don't have
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Old 13th March 2003, 10:23
sweetie's Avatar
sweetie sweetie is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2001
Posts: 20
sweetie is on a distinguished road
levelII driver

I agree with you sqlbuf.

Let us all try to log case on the baan-support asking for the driver.

I saw the reaction and i am already glad that i is posted here as a poll and that on the baan users day it will be a request to baan.

I propose that someone takes the role of projectleader and informs all the others.
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Old 13th March 2003, 10:31
EdHubbard's Avatar
EdHubbard EdHubbard is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Malvern, England
Posts: 310
EdHubbard is on a distinguished road
Baan: 4c4 MCR - DB: MS SQL Server 2000 - OS: Windows 2003 Server
I read again those threads


I read those 2 threads again and to my mind, overall they flit between saying level 2 driver for SQL 2000 is being developed to the driver has been released. Yes, it does specifically state availability for some 5.x versions and once implies that for Baan IV it is not available.

However, if the official Baan guides mention a product being available and Baan personnel confirm it will be available or it is being developed (and this is what I experienced) then I believe them.

I appreciate mistakes can be made, but it has taken Baan a long time to be explicity clear on their position. As you would imagine, I don't agree with Baan's current position!
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Old 15th March 2003, 16:36
JamesV JamesV is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Posts: 225
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Baan: Baan IV/5 - DB: Oracle 7/8/8i,Informix, SQL Server, UDB - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Tru64, Solaris, NT/2000
As I mentioned in another thread, I am on the Baan World Users Performance Subcommittee and we are submitting a formal request along with a list of users that desire this function. I am in the process of writing up an enhancement request that will generate a response from Baan.

If you would like to email me with the name of your company (if you are Baan IV and SQL Server and currently on support), I will include your name in the documentation as desiring this enhancement. Think of it as a public petition regarding the need for Level 2/Baan IV for SQL Server.

-- Jim
Jim VanderMey
VP of Technical Operations
Open Systems Technologies
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
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