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Old 18th February 2003, 23:38
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r_nagu r_nagu is offline
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Baan: BaaN IV - DB: Oracle 8 - OS: UNIX
Performance Issue...

Last week we synched our development oracle server with our production oracle server to get the same data as in production to development environment for better testing and testing of archiving. We basically copied all the data files from production server to development server. Everything went well except that now when we try to access some of the big tables (like tdpur045, tdpur051, tfgld410 etc), the performance is extremely slow. It takes few minutes to find a specific PO number in Maintain PO session.

I tried few things to fix this problem and among one of those fixes, Reorganizing tables (ttaad4225m000) seem to fix this problem. I did re-org on few tables and performance dramatically improved. So far this is the only fix which is working fine. But, if this is the only fix, I have to re-org the whole company and that might take days to complete.

Are there any other solutions you guys can think of to fix the problem?

Appreciate your help,
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Old 19th February 2003, 00:23
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Baan: 2.2d - LN - DB: most - OS: most
This works probably because it rebuilds the index and reference connections.

You can try running this from the command line, where you can specify your options, and people generally get better performance.

Search for bdbpre, bdbreconfig and bdbpost on this forum, or check the Baan documentation on those programs. The programs are in your bin directory, called bdbpre6.1, bdbreconfig6.1 and bdbpost6.1 if you are in unix and on c4. Slightly diff for NT and Baan V, but same basic names. Sorry, I don't have the syntax handy for a regular reconfigure.
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Old 19th February 2003, 09:24
Martin Martin is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2001
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Baan: IVc, ERP5c - DB: oracle 9i, 10g, 11g - OS: Windows, HP-UX, SLES8/9/10/11
which datafiles to you had copied ?
Only the datafiles with baan data and indexes or the whole database ?
If you had only copied the baan-data, you had to run an analyze table to create the statistics for the oracle optimizer (these are stored in some system tables and are not availible if you dont copy the whole database)

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Old 19th February 2003, 17:17
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r_nagu r_nagu is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2002
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Posts: 231
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Baan: BaaN IV - DB: Oracle 8 - OS: UNIX
Just the baan data...

Only the baan data.
I ran the statement “ANALYZE TABLE TTFGLD410100 COMPUTE STATISTICS” and it did compute statistics for the table but, the performance is the same.

Is there any thing else I need to turn on in order to compute statistics. Some parameters, .. etc., ?

Thanks for your help,
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Old 19th February 2003, 17:57
James James is offline
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Baan: Triton,Baan IV,ERP - DB: Oracle 7/8i/9i - OS: HPUX,Tru64,Linux
Try generating statistics for ALL tables within the Baan schema.

You'll certainly need to do this, and, on a regular basis.

Also, I presume the database configuration for your Development and Production instances are the same?
James Gittins
(c) 2002
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