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Old 13th March 2015, 14:20
minadursun minadursun is offline
Join Date: Jul 2014
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Baan: erpln - DB: oracle - OS: besc
stpapi, inserting lines on tfcmg2500m000 bank transaction session

In Infor ERP-LN 10.4 when I created a patch then bank transaction, I want to import lots of advance payment lines from *.csv file to the Transactions (tfgld1101m000) session.

I started the tfgld1101m000 and added a new batch and new transaction type (bank transaction), then run "Transaction Entry -enter.transactions-" form command. Actually this command is on the menu of the tfgld1101m100 Transaction Types session.

After then Bank Transactions (tfcmg2500m000) session is started via this command. I wanna insert my advance payment lines on this session. On the menu, there is a form command that is Insert Via this command, Bank Transactions session (tfcmg2500m000) is running again with different design -On fp3 from tfgld1101m000, I had got tfcmg2100s000 session screen and that looked like tfcmg2500m000-.

Here is my code below:

	#pragma used dll ottstpapihand
	#define MAIN.SESSION "tfgld1101m100"
	#define SUB.SESSION "tfcmg2500m000"

function void doit()
	boolean tmp.first
	long afs.ret
	afs.ret = 0
	error.msg = ""

        stpapi.put.field(MAIN.SESSION, "tfgld101.year", str$(year.f))
	stpapi.put.field(MAIN.SESSION, "tfgld101.btno", str$(btno.f))
	stpapi.put.field(MAIN.SESSION, "tfgld101.ttyp", ttyp.f)
	afs.ret = stpapi.find(MAIN.SESSION,  error.msg)
	if afs.ret <> 1 then
		fp.ret = seq.puts("Error: Could not find the record! ", fp.log)
		stpapi.end.session(MAIN.SESSION, error.msg)
	afs.ret = stpapi.mark(MAIN.SESSION,  error.msg)
	if afs.ret <> 1 then
		fp.ret = seq.puts("Error: Could not mark the record! ", fp.log)
		stpapi.end.session(MAIN.SESSION, error.msg)

	stpapi.handle.subproc(MAIN.SESSION, SUB.SESSION, "add", error.msg)

	stpapi.form.command(MAIN.SESSION, 2, "enter.transactions", error.msg)

	stpapi.form.command(SUB.SESSION, 2, "", error.msg) 
	if afs.ret = 0 then
		stpapi.end.session(MAIN.SESSION, error.msg)

	tmp.first = true
	while seq.gets(buffer, MAX.STR, fp.import) = 0
		if process.records.from.file() = NUMBER.OF.FIELDS then
			tmp.first = false
			fp.ret = seq.puts(buffer & "Data is corrupt " , fp.log)

function long process.records.from.file() 
	fields.scanned = string.scan(buffer, "%s,%s,%s,%f", prm.bpid, prm.bpnm, prm.bpac, prm.amnt)

function create.record(boolean first.i)
	long afs.ret
	string tmp.str(MAX.STR) mb
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.year", str$(year.f))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.btno", str$(btno.f))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.ttyp", str$(ttyp.f))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.docd", str$(docd.f))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.docn", str$(seri.f))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.lino", "1")
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.tran", str$(tfcmg.tran.advance.paym))
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.bpid", prm.bpid)
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.ccur", ccur.f)
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.amnt", str$(prm.amnt))
	prm.bpnm = referance.f & " " & prm.bpnm
	stpapi.put.field(SUB.SESSION, "tfcmg204.refr", prm.bpnm)
	afs.ret = stpapi.insert(SUB.SESSION, true, error.msg)
	if afs.ret = 0 then
		tmp.str = "Error: "  & buffer & " Message: " &$(error.msg)
		fp.ret = seq.puts(tmp.str, fp.log)
		afs.ret = stpapi.recover(SUB.SESSION, error.msg)


function generate.tmp.file.names()
	long r_number
	r_number = random() = getenv$("BSE") & "/tmp/import_items_uploaded_" & str$(r_number) & ".txt" = getenv$("BSE") & "/tmp/import_items_log_" & str$(r_number) & ".txt"

function stop.all.processes()
	stpapi.end.session(SUB.SESSION, error.msg)
	stpapi.end.session(MAIN.SESSION, error.msg)
My *.csv file format is below:

123456,Mark Smith,666666,128.6
654321,Alice Silver,5555555,32.51

First column is Business Partner ID,
Second column is BP name,
Third one is bank account
Fourth one is amount.

My problem is that,
On fp3 my main session was tfgld1101m000 and this program was working very vell. I change it with tfgld1101m100 on 10.4. It works but one line is added, next one is not.
For example if I have 10 lines, the program added only 5 lines and these are 1., 3., 5., 7., 9. ones.

I could not understand why. Please share your experience and thoughts with me.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 15th March 2015, 21:28
bhushanchanda's Avatar
bhushanchanda bhushanchanda is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: India
Posts: 2,355
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Baan: LN FP 1-9, 10.4, a little bit of Baan IV - DB: SQL Server 2008, Oracle - OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Unix

First thing to check will be the data. Check if you are manually able to insert the records.

If the data is OK, you can try using suspend() function after your insert (or after one of the form commands which is taking more time to execute). Something like suspend(500) will be fine.

May be the first record is taking time to save as with 10.4 the number of DAL hooks and dependencies have increased.


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow!
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