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Old 9th May 2005, 21:27
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Baan: B4c3 - DB: Oracle - OS: HPUinx
Question AFS for Matching Purchase Order Invoices

I'm writing an AFS to match purchase order invoices to receipts. The problem I'm having is handling cascaded child sessions. Specifically, executing a continue.process on session tfacp1110s000 starts the sub-session tfacp1130s000 which I can handle, but before I can handle it tfacp1130s000 starts it's own sub-session tfacp1131s000. So my function server hangs due to the lack of a handle for the tfacp1131s000. Has anyone else written an AFS to match purchase order invoices to receipts or handled this problem for another reason that is willing to share a solution?
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Old 10th May 2005, 13:35
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We used Qkey in tfacp1131s000 to stop the session. I did not write this code but here is what we did.

Calling code:
	| I'm using the free$ (baan system variable) to let some
	| sessions (tfacp1131s000, tfacp1133s000) know they were
	| called from this contractor api process. Each of these
	| sessions were compiled with Qkey overriding event calls.
	free$ = "contractor.api"
             |bunch of code here that I cut to show what we did.

	| 5.5 tfacp1133s000 End
	| 4.2 tfacp1230s000 End

	stpapi.handle.subproc(sess.acp1110, sess.acp1130, "add")
	stpapi.continue.process(sess.acp1110, e.msg)
	e.msg = ""

	stpapi.handle.subproc(sess.acp1130, sess.acp1131, "add")

	stpapi.handle.subproc(sess.acp1130, sess.acp1140, "add")
	stpapi.application.option( sess.acp1130, 1, 0, e.msg )	| Approve button

And the qkey code in tfacp1131s000:
	if free$ = "contractor.api" then

There are other wrapper programs that could be used besides qkey - RMCis also has a product. Plus there is the extend source code post by ~Vamsi in the code and utlities forum.

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