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Old 30th April 2007, 22:41
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Baan: BaaN Vc with sp 28 - DB: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit - OS: HP-UX B.11.31
Sales Order Line Deletion
Baan: iBaanERP 5.0c


I have created a Sales Order, following are the details
Sales Order : SLS10001
Pos. 10
Item - X
Qty - 10
Price - 100000
Amount - 1000000

Now i want to get rid of this Sales Order, since the Amount is too big which is listed because of wrong qty. I would like to ZERO the qty.

Before creating the sales Order, this was position of inventory for item and warehouse, refer to STEP 1 defined in Excel file attached

After creating a Sales Order and Line, following was the Inventory position, refer to STEP 2 defined in Excel file attached

Now since by mistake i have specified qty and price as wrong
I CANCELLEED the line so that Business Partner BALANCES also goes back to normal i..e the same state where it was earlier before creation of Sales Order

After this i saw inventory position got perfect, refer to STEP 3 defined in Excel file attached

but the BP balances were still a problem, so i reverted back CANCELLED Flag for Pos. 10 back to 'NO' via GTM and deleted the line from Sales
Order Line session, although Supplier Balances are shown correctly in session tccom4513m000, but problem is now with the inventory.
Since I have deleted the line via Sales Order Line session it affected my Allocated Inventory.

Refer to STEP 4 defined in Excel file attached

So basically i want to perform 3 tasks :
1)Get rid of the Sales Order line
2)Get the inventory position back to normal what it was before order creation
3)Revert back to Supplier old balances.

Now problem which i faced after doing GTM, although it corrected supplier Balances, but it touched inventory allocated qty, should i do GTM at that level ? which means change whwmd215.allo field via GTM from -10 to 0 ? or is their any other better way ?

Refer to attached EXCEL file
Note : Sales Order Header is blocked , and Sales Order has not been Printed yet.

Waiting for your reply.


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Old 1st May 2007, 10:16
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Baan: BFCS,BMCS,BOCS, Triton 1 until 2.2, BaaN 3 until BaaN ERP (5), Ln 6.1 FP3, Infor LN 10.5 - DB: Oracle, Informix, B-Isam, C-Isam - OS: HP-unix, AIX, Sun Solaris, Digital, NT

I would suggest that you first run session "Rebuild Planned Inventory Transactions" only for that item and not click the update button and see what the result is. If it corrects it then you click the update button.


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Old 1st May 2007, 21:42
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: New zealand
Posts: 562
learner is on a distinguished road
Baan: BaaN Vc with sp 28 - DB: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit - OS: HP-UX B.11.31
Thanks !! It worked.

Hi Marioth,

Thanks for the same, it worked. The Rebuild inventory worked.

Just to give more information, the main reason why we landed in this situation was when we created a SO line with a big qty and price, after we cancelled the line, it did not bring the Customer Order Balance back to original, ideally cancelling a line should have brought the Customer Bal. back to normal i.e. the same order bal. should have come which was exisitng before creating this bad line.

We found a solution with baan 210884, which solves the issue of updating the Customer Order Balances in case if we cancel a SO Line....... will try installing the same.

Of course other way of bringing or rectifying Customer bal. would have been to run Rebuild Customer Order Balance.

Thanks & Regards

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