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Old 10th January 2020, 16:15
RalucaL RalucaL is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
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Baan: BaanIV / ERP LN - DB: Oracle - OS: Windows
Item surcharges Enhancement Request
Baan: Infor ERP 10.7

Hello all,

May I ask your help with endorsing below Enhancement request for Item surcharges functionality in LN Cloud version? Request is relevant for multi-site scenario and standard cost by enterprise unit.
Right now, it is not possible to define separate item surcharge percentages per enterprise unit. But obviously, in a single-logistic (multi-site scenario), we do need to specify different surcharge percentages by legal entity (for example the same item group may be sourced from different places with different landed cost percentages by the various legal entities). Having the option of defining item surcharges by enterprise unit will help Infor customers calculate an accurate standard cost by enterprise unit.

Please check out the details of the enhancement request and endorse it if you also find it useful.

Thank you for your support!
Best regards,
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Old 12th January 2020, 11:29
Kaibou's Avatar
Kaibou Kaibou is offline
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Baan: LN - DB: - - OS: -

I had a brief look into this and did not see from the description if the new Surcharge functionality would be in addition to the current Item/Item group/Warehouse setup and if the usage of Enterprise Units would be possible no matter if one had chosen to use Sites or not ? Personally I would also have prefered to use Item Valuation Groups rather then Item Groups for Surcharge purposes.

Rgds - Kaibou
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Old 13th January 2020, 16:07
RalucaL RalucaL is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 3
RalucaL is on a distinguished road
Baan: BaanIV / ERP LN - DB: Oracle - OS: Windows

The enterprise unit would be a new selection criterion, apart from the existing Item/Item group/Warehouse. And it should only be possible in the context of "Standard Cost by Enterprise Unit" concept implemented (related to sites usage). I will not be able to update the ER though, as it was opened by another customer (the one that I opened for the topic was closed by Infor, as it was a duplicate of this other one that I am trying to get endorsements for).

Related to your other topic - couldn't agree more, especially in the multi-site environment, with requirements of standard cost by enterprise unit, it should be possible to apply surcharges at a local item detail level. Item valuation group would be a good option. I actually plan to raise another enhancement request for this one.

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Old 13th January 2020, 18:06
RalucaL RalucaL is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 3
RalucaL is on a distinguished road
Baan: BaanIV / ERP LN - DB: Oracle - OS: Windows
PS. I drafted the ER for surcharges by item valuation group as below. Would you mind having a look and let me know your feedback? Thank you!

In the context of multi-site implementations, where standard cost is calculated at enterprise unit level within a single logistic company, it is required to be able to handle item surcharges at a local level. This needs to be done:
- on one hand, by enabling surcharges setup by enterprise unit (see details from ERs 43013 and 49743)
- and on the other hand, using a local item attribute, such as the Item valuation group

With the available setup at item group level, the customer is struggling to find the proper item attribute to be defined as Item group, considering it is a global attribute. The level where they currently calculate and apply surcharges is a local attribute (which they call "overhead groups"). For the same item code, the overhead group may differ by legal entity.
When considering those item attributes which may be global and therefore could be used as "item group" concept, the feedback is that it will basically "explode" the list of groups and make surcharge calculation and management too difficult to handle.

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