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Old 14th September 2020, 11:44
Thomasm Thomasm is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Sweden
Posts: 51
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Baan: B40c4 - DB: SQL-Server - OS: Windows 2003 Server
Getting strange error when zooming
Baan: Baan IVc4
C/S: None/Unknown

I am geting a strange error when I want to zoom to the session tipcs3140m000 (General Project Cost). I get the error if I zoom from the menu and if I zoom from the code ($())

The error is:
Error 506 (Table does not exist) on tfgld008000 in db_eq
Can not continue in tipcs3140m000 (<89>)[db.eq]

Obviously that table should not exist in company 0. But why is it trying to select on company 0?

The code in the script that generates the error (in session tipcs3140m000) is:
function fill.unit.code()
	|In this function the unit code 1 of the imported ledger account
	|is read and put in variable 'ftrs.cuni'.
	table	ttfgld008
	tfgld008.leac = import.leac
	ftrs.cuni = db.eq(ttfgld008) ? "" : tfgld008.uni1
I don't have access to change standard but I can export values from the zooming session.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Old 14th September 2020, 13:46
mark_h's Avatar
mark_h mark_h is offline
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: Kentucky, USA
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mark_h will become famous soon enough
Baan: Baan 4C4 A&D1 - DB: Oracle - OS: Sun Solaris
Is it a custom session zooming to the tipcs3140m000? Is there other code in tipcs3140m000 that sets the company based off something else in the zoom?

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Old 14th September 2020, 15:54
Thomasm Thomasm is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Sweden
Posts: 51
Thomasm is on a distinguished road
Baan: B40c4 - DB: SQL-Server - OS: Windows 2003 Server
Thanks for your reply Mark,

Yes, it is a a custom session and you are right that there is code under the 'before.zoom:' section. But there is nothing there to set the company number. And also (verified with debugger) when calling '$()' from a user action this section is completely bypassed.

I have then noticed that there is also a sub-session (tipcs3410s000) and when I call that instead it is the same behaviour.

The code in the session we are zooming to is defined under the section 'form.1'. To try to avoid that part of the code I created a custom session just as a copy but then put the only available form as form number 2. Did not make any changes.

So I ended up creating my own session as a copy of the session I want to zoom to and made it with own script name. Now I could copy the standard script into that and compile. So when I do that and it crashes the debugger will show me the part of code that is wrong. This way I could figure out what variable was not correctly initialised.

Turns out in the end that if I add the below code to the 'before.zoom' section in the session I am zooming from then it works. It does not end up on the correct record but as I need to do an insert anyway this is good enough for now.

	| for tipcs3140s000
	tfgld102.tcom = get.compnr()
		iprj = tfgld.intr.pcs
	as set with 1 rows
		tfgld102.leac = tfgld008.leac
Thanks a lot for taking your time Mark!!

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