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Old 4th June 2003, 14:07
Sai_krishna Sai_krishna is offline
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Purchase Integration

I would like to know when the following transaction is triggered in integration :

Purchase + Inventory Adjustment


Sai Krishna
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Old 4th June 2003, 15:34
sajitkrishnan's Avatar
sajitkrishnan sajitkrishnan is offline
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There cannot be a combination of Purchase/Inventory Adjustment and if it is triggered then it should be a bug.

The only place where the Inventory is gained or losed is at the Warehouse level and not at the Purchase level.

hope this clears your query..


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Old 4th June 2003, 15:53
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Actually there is such a transaction. This is a a short explanation I found:

The integration Purchase + Inventory adjustment is triggered when a Lot controlled item with lot price is taken on a purchase order and when an inventory adjustment is done and the invoice is approved for a higher amount.
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Old 6th June 2003, 14:33
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lindan lindan is offline
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Baan: IVc4, SP10 - DB: Oracle 8i - OS: Unix
backdating receipt will trigger

Hi -

We have also experienced this type of integration transaction. It has been triggered when somebody backdates a purchase receipt of a lot controlled item whose standard cost has been recalculated after the item was placed on a purchase order.

For example: Item "A" is ordered on June 1. At the time of the order, the standard cost of the item is $3.00. On June 3, the standard cost is recalculated to $5.00. On June 4, somebody logs a receipt for the item, but puts June 2 as the receipt (transaction) date. At that time, you will get a Purchase/Receipt integration transaction for $3.00, and a Purchase/Inventory Adjustment transaction for $2.00.

We have had similar situations occur with non lot-controlled items; the only difference being that the type of integration transaction generated is Purchase/Revaluation instead of Purchase/Inventory Adjustment.

Hope this helps.

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Old 9th June 2003, 19:47
baanmanindia69 baanmanindia69 is offline
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Baan: BaaN IV -
Purchase + Inventory Adjustment

Hi Sai_krishna/lindan,

What you are telling is purchase + Lot result, not purchase + Inventory adjustment. But yes, purshase + Inventory adjustment happens even when a purchase is back dated, but not in all such cases. Please read on.

Basically an inventory Adjustment entry occurs when inventory is written down or written up by way of inventory adjustment. This entry is the regular inventory adjustment which we see under the combination Warehouse order + Inventory adjustment.

Now coming to the combination Purchase + Inventory adjustment:

1. We match & approve an invoice in Finance for higher or lower price, but the lot has already been inventory adjusted (of course, at the original lot price). The subsequent matching changes the lot price. The original inventory adjustment aught to have been at this lot price, but when inventory adjustment happened, this new lot price did not exist. This scenario gives raise to two entries in integration.

a). Purchase + Receipt (for the price dif. between the purchase order + matched price). This will debit the inventory & credit the receivable invoice (or the reverse).

b). But you may note that the inventory itself is already adjusted in the books, and no more present in stock. So this differential entry as above should also be moved from the inventory. So the system passes one more entry to nullify the inventory and debit/credit the inventory adjustment accrual account (essentially the same as under warehouse order + inventory adjustment)

2. A similar entry will get passed when we change price using the session "change price after maintain receipt", for a lot which is already inventory adjusted.

3. When an Inventory adjustment itself is backdated and matched/price changed later (I have not tested if backdating inventory adjustment itself is possible or not)

If you find the above a bit tricky, please email me, I will send clear illustration. You may simulate this and test it in your test company also.

Best regards.
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