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Old 21st December 2006, 23:21
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2006 Nr. 2

The Newsletter 2006 Nr. 2


0) Introduction
1) Sponsor news
2) Forum upgrade news
3) Did you know?
4) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction

Hi, baanboard member!

In this second and also last newsletter of 2006, I would like to take the
opportunity to thank all readers, posters and sponsors for their contributions
over the last year. It is also the perfect occasion to wish you all a very
enjoyable Christmas holiday and a very healthy and prosperous 2007!


1) Sponsor news

Since our last newsletter, Baanboard has managed to attract 2 new sponsors.
They are:

* e-Ventus signed up for a 6 months sponsorship during the month of October.

About e-Ventus:
e-Ventus delivers Baan services and lean internet supply chain solutions to
companies all over the globe.
e-Ventus offers functional and technical services for users of Baan through ERP LN.
The e-Ventus consulting program benefits nearly all aspects of your organization.
It is critical that you select a professional and experienced Baan consulting
team, like e-Ventus Corporation to guide you to sound business processes and
eSP (e-Ventus Supplier Portal), provides high visibility for your supply chain
helping you reduce costs, reduce inventory levels, and increase collaboration
between your company and suppliers. All of this is in an easy-to-use, quickly
implemented package for your buyers and suppliers.

You are welcome to visit e-Ventus site at:

* AB+AC=US Ltd signed up for a 6 months sponsorship during the month
of November. AB+AC=US will be sponsoring a forum category and can also be
found on the main Sponsor page.

About AB+AC=US:
Utilizing the extensive experience of numerous technical specialists in the
fields of licensing, contract management and compliancy, AB+AC=US Ltd was
formed in response to a recognized need for license management tools
independent of those provided by the software vendor. Our solutions assist a
diverse array of organizations in driving down costs - from SME's to large
scale multinational corporations - whilst ensuring compliance and fulfilment
of corporate governance requirements in an environment where managing software
licenses across the enterprise is increasingly complex. Two products are
currently available: Sourcerer - a tool that enables Baan users to manage the
existence of source code or modified objects on their system; and Exert -
a sophisticated tool that monitors the usage of any software application
running on an IBM iSeries (AS/400) or Unix platform.

You are welcome to visit the AB+AC=US site at:

Also in November, Nazdaq has extended its yearly sponsorship of the forum
again and this for the 5th time in a row! We thank NAZDAQ for their continued
commitment to Baanboard.

About Nazdaq:
NAZDAQ is a known name in the world of Baan. Their offering of Add-ons for Baan
(and now for ERP LN) is an integral part of many Baan installations around the
globe. Daily, thousands of users utilize NAZDAQ tools to automate downloading
reports to Excel, Word, PDF, XML and HTML and to email, fax, archive and print
Purchase Orders and Invoices - in addition to many other tools that make the use
of Baan more friendly. The word on the street says that the NAZDAQ Add-ons are
very reasonably priced and the work day in the customer support department is
between 6:00 AM and Midnight, and in most cases, your question will be answered
in less than an hour. You can check them out by getting a free fully operational
demo at


3) Forum news

Last week the forum software was upgraded to its most recent version 3.6.4.
Apart from the mandatory bug fixes this release also features some novelties
for forum users. One of the nicest new features is the possibility to automa-
tically include RSS feeds into the forum as separate threads. As an experiment,
two RSS feeds are currently imported into a specifically designated "News Feeds"

More information on the upgrade, the new features and the RSS experiment may be
found in this forum thread:


4) Did you know?

That the baanboard forum uses AJAX-based features? AJAX stands for
"Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" and is a web development technique for creating
interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more
responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes,
so that the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes
a change. This is meant to increase the web page's interactivity, speed, and

Some of the best AJAX-driven forum features are:

* editing a thread title by double-clicking on the title in the forum view
* marking a forum read by double-clicking on the new post forum indicator icon
* rating a thread (when submitting)
* opening or closing a thread by double-clicking on its post icon

AJAX-powered features can usually be recognized by the display of a tool tip when
hovering over the related area. Some of the AJAX features are reserved for
administrators or moderators, others are also available for regular users.

If you would like to get an idea how some AJAX features exactly work on the
forum, you can have a look at the following Flash demo on website of the
vbulletin developers:


5) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsibility for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2006

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