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Old 17th September 2013, 17:12
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Baan: Baan IVc4 - DB: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 - OS: MS Server 2008 R2
Creation of Development/Test Environment
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: SQL Server 2008 R2
OS: Windows 2008
C/S: None/Unknown

We are currently on the edge of a cut-over from a physical BaanIVc4 environment to a virtualized version of BaanIVc4. This migration also included the upgrading of the porting set from the 6x version to the 8x version and an upgrade to SLM licensing. We are virtualizing on VMware 5.1.

We were discussing how we would create a test/development environment and I am wondering if our theory could be tested by the combined knowledge of Baanboard.

In the virtual environment we have three servers:
  • Baan Server
  • Database Server
  • SLM Server

The plan would be to (my order my not be completely correct):
  • System Administrator would perform a 'cloning' operation through VMware to clone the Baan Server into the Baan Test Server
  • 3rd Party DBA would copy the Baan4 database into a Baan4Test database on the same Database Server
  • Change necessary configuration files on the Baan Test Server (still to be identified) and point it to the Baan4Test database
  • Make any necessary modifications on the SLM Server to recognize the Baan Test Server

Keeping in mind that our 3rd party DBA is a whiz with databases, they do not have Baan specific knowledge and that we are familiar with mostly programming not administration, I present some questions regarding the above:
  • If we clone the production server and create a test server from the clone and both servers are booted up they will both be pointing to the production database at the same time since the Baan services start automatically (and we cannot change config files until the test server boots up). Does this pose any danger to the production database and potentially corrupting it? --- could this be avoided by only booting the Baan Test Server up changing the configuration files to point to the test database, reboot and test (and verify) the connection before rebooting the Production Baan Server?
  • What resource/config files will need to be modified on the test server to point to the test database? (I believe $BSE/lib/msql_groups and $BSE/lib/msql_users need changed, but what else (if anything)?
  • We have scheduled tasks on the production server that would need to be disabled on the clone so users would not receive 'double' notification e-mails and such. Is there anything else through your experiences which would also be done
  • Any other lessons learned or pearls of wisdom to pass along?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and consideration.
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