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Old 3rd September 2002, 14:30
kclewley's Avatar
kclewley kclewley is offline
Junior Member
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Location: Charlotte, NC
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Archiving of Sales Order Data


Has anyone archived sales order data before? I have archived the sales order data in tables TDSLS040, TDSLS041, TDSLS042, TDSLS045, and TDSLS046 through the session "Process Delivered Sales Orders" with the "Delete Order Data" field to "Yes." In addition, I have also removed the related integration transactions in table TFGLD410 for sales orders and all related "Financial Transactions."

However, I have not removed the sales order history. What I am wondering is when it is possible to reuse a sales order number? As I have not reset sales order numbers, I felt that it was not possible to reuse a sales order number with exisiting sales order history still present. But, I have heard that it maybe possible. Does anyone know for a fact what steps need to be completed before a sales order number can be reused.



P.S. We are on Baan IVb
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Old 3rd September 2002, 15:30
Neal Matthews's Avatar
Neal Matthews Neal Matthews is offline
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Baan: Baan IVc4 ags0 - DB: Informix 9.40 UC4 - OS: Sun Solaris 9
I can't imagine why you would need to do this and I would sugest that it is easier just to set up another series but;

I'm running 4c3 and you cannot reuse Sales Order numbers where a Sales Order exists in history tables.

What happens if you reset first free numbers to 1 is that the system will look for the next free number where there is a gap in the sequence and no record exists in the history.

Therefore the only way to reuse Sales Orders numbers would be to remove the records from the history table but I do not know of any archiving sessions that will remove the history.

Neal Matthews
Intier Automotive - IT Support Analyst
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Old 3rd September 2002, 15:38
Hitesh Shah's Avatar
Hitesh Shah Hitesh Shah is offline
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Baan: triton,Baan IVc4 , ERP Ln - DB: Oracle/Bisam/SQL 2000/SQL 2005 - OS: Sun Solaris/Windows 2003
u can delete SO history also

You can also delete the sales order history in the session tdsls5201m000 . However you can reset the so number even before doing this . In that case sales order history for old and new order can be distinguished only with date.
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Old 3rd September 2002, 16:21
Martin Jung's Avatar
Martin Jung Martin Jung is offline
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Baan: Baan IV - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
Exclamation Other packages

Hi kclewley,

also pay attention to sls-related packages such as CMS..
The fact that you can reuse an order series finally depends on how your work with Baan. We experienced the following: after deleting the salesorder and salesorder history the entries in the CMS tables still remain present. After reusing such an odernumber the session did not throw an error such as 'duplicate value in tdcms...'. It simply continued assigning the old relation to the new order. We were lucky do notice this behaviour during some tests.

A report 'Print References To Parent' (ttaad4229m000) may help to detect other dependencies.


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Old 4th September 2002, 14:11
kclewley's Avatar
kclewley kclewley is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Charlotte, NC
Posts: 26
kclewley is on a distinguished road
Thanks for the Feedback

Thanks to everyone for their quick response. I want to avoid overwriting the existing sales order history, which it sounds like Baan does automatically by seperating the same order number by date. However, before this happens, I hope to have the history records removed.

Thanks again!

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Old 11th November 2002, 16:44
Grace Li Grace Li is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Toronto
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Grace Li is on a distinguished road

To my understanding, Sales orders and related data are archived through Archiving projects. If the Sales orders are not project related, it would not be archived. Processed Delivered Sales Orders with Delete ON deletes and not archive the sales orders.

Please correct me if I m wrong.
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Old 21st January 2003, 13:00
robertvg's Avatar
robertvg robertvg is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Hoofddorp / The Netherlands
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Baan: BaaN IVc4, 5.0c - DB: Oracle 8.1.7 - OS: HP-UX 11.11
....strange.... a strange thing happens:

We archived (=deleted) old sales orders upto a certain date.
Only sales orders with all transactions before the specified date are removed by tdsls4223m000, so order1 is removed, order2 is still present because delivery of that order was after the date as set in the "Process..." session.

Now we re-print an old invoice ('re-execute' of order step "Print Sales Invoice" is set to still be possible after "Process Delivered Sales Orders", otherwise it would almost never be possible to re-print a sales invoice). Result: a sales invoice is printed without the archived/deleted sales order, so not a exact duplicate of the original invoice !!!
How does anyone else handle this issue ?

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