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Old 16th April 2007, 10:46
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2007 Nr. 1

The Newsletter 2007 Nr. 1


0) Introduction
1) Sponsor news
2) New moderator for 'Tools Development' forum
3) Web statistics
4) Forum spammers
5) Server migration
6) Did you know?
7) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction

Hi, baanboard member!

This is the first community newsletter of 2007. The forum has been quite busy
during the first 3 months of the year which has resulted in us breaking through
the 10,000 member barrier! Back in 2001 the majority of members thought we
would never reach the 10,000 mark. How they were wrong


1) Sponsor news

a] Since our last newsletter, Baanboard has managed to attract 2 new sponsors.
They are:

* Migration Labs signed up for a 6 months sponsorship. Migration Labs is
sponsoring the "BB Language" forums group and can also be found on the main
Sponsor page.

About Migration Labs:
Do you want to see your own BAAN IV/V data in ERP LN ? Within five Days ?
Now at the beginning of 2007 many companies using older versions of SSA BAAN
ERP software are considering an upgrade to Infor ERP LN.
But how to go from one version to the other when so much of the architecture
has changed?
What may sound so unbelievable, can be proven easily by our on-site Migration
Labs workshop. The process works as follows: as soon as we are on-site at your
facility we will extract a subset of your SSA BAAN IV or SSA BAAN V data and
within 5 days we will show you the major processes in sales, planning,
purchasing, production, warehousing, invoicing, finance and controlling in
Infor ERP LN using your own individual data. Especially in case you are
considering to upgrade to Infor ERP LN we challenge you to find any other
existing Infor SSA BAAN service provider who is able to pull this off in such
a short time frame.Our Migration Labs promise to you is that easybaan® allows
you to migrate your individual SSA BAAN IV or SSA BAAN V data to Infor ERP LN
in a matter of weeks where all the others will take months.
Please mail us at or call us at +1.(757).362.2795 for
more information on our on-site workshop. For more details on our unique
implementation and migration easybaan® methodology to Infor ERP LN please visit
our website at

* Xpert Technical Services also signed up for a 6 months sponsorship. Xpert
Technical Services is sponsoring the "Distribution, Transportation & Warehousing"
forum and can also be found on the main Sponsor page.

About Xpert Technical Services:
For over a decade, Xpert Technical Services has been a pre-eminent technical
and professional services provider to the Baan community, with customer sites
spanning the globe.
In addition to our vast experience working in Baan environments, Xpert boasts
a portfolio of ingenious integrated solutions for Baan in E-commerce,
supply chain, direct integration with external systems, workflow solutions via
bar coded data collection / transaction processing and fully automated document
management solutions for Baan. We provide each of these for all versions /
platforms of Baan and ERP LN.
Please contact us to discuss your goals and issues.

You are welcome to visit the Xpert Technical Services site at:

b] Following sponsors have opted to extend their current sponsorship and we would
like to thank them also for their continued support:

* e-Ventus Corporation. See
* Neustro Consulting. See


2) New moderator for 'Tools Development' forum

We are happy to announce that George Abdo (george7a) has joined the crew of
baanboard forum moderators. George will be co-moderating the very busy 'Tools
Development' forum.

Are you also interested in becoming a forum moderator? Please contact us at


3) Web Statistics

Baanboard has been providing publicly accessible web statistics for a long time.
However, these statistics have been getting abused more and more lately by
so-called "referer spammers" that aim to tie in with less desirable
websites. We have therefore decided to no longer provide web statistics on a
public place but they will rather be password-protected from now on. Together
with some specific anti-referer spam measures we hope that this will get rid
of referal spam all together.

Baanboard does keep providing some forum/site statistics at following URL's:

* Forum stats:
* Site stats:
(not updated real-time)

For more information on referer spam,


4) Forum spammers

The forum has seen an increased activity of registrations and posting by spammers
during the last couple of the months. Even though the forum software features
an advanced "captcha" system to avoid registration by spam bots, spammers see
increased value at going through the registration process manually, including
using a proper e-mail address for validation. The only way to combat this
practice is to delete such accounts/posts as they appear. Please use "Report
Post" feature to signal any post you may consider spam.


5) Server migration

Baanboard will be moving to a completely new dedicated web server in the near
future. We have been running on a HP Proliant DL380 for some time now but our
sturdy & trusty box is getting quite old. Therefore we will be moving towards a
brand new HP Proliant DL360 server of the latest generation. The migration of
the baanboard sites & databases may cause some downtime during its process.
We will inform you timely via forum announcements of the upcoming migration and
potential downtime.


6) Did you know?

That you can use special tags to format your message in a particular way when
posting messages on the forum? These tags are called "vB codes" and a
descriptive list of them can be found here in the FAQ section of the forum:

A special mention goes to the standard "CODE" tag. With the help of one our
longstanding members '~Vamsi', the "CODE" tag was extended to integrate
with the 'enscript' syntax highlighting system.

You can find more information on the "CODE" tag and the 'enscript' integration
in following post:


7) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsibility for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2007
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