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Old 23rd October 2002, 07:05
bbsmanian bbsmanian is offline
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Location: Chennai
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Baan: BaaN IV c4 - DB: DB2 - OS: AIX
Calculcated closing balance <> entered closing balance


In Maintain Transaction, after entering the all the entries, some time I am not able to come out. A message is showing "Calculated Opening Balance <> entered closing Balance". How to go about that. what is the reason for that. How I can finalize the batch.

Expecting your early answer




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Old 23rd October 2002, 07:37
ayoobi's Avatar
ayoobi ayoobi is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Japan
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Baan: Vb Vc - DB: Oracle - OS: NT , UNIX
Bank Transactions


Assumed u are using transaction type with category cash and checksums flag checked . In the above scenario u get this warning message and u will not be able to finalized the batch .

To solve this go to specific menu(in the bank transaction session) and select session Bank Balance and enter the closing balance i.e the net of the amount you have entered . in baan V b and above the amount is displayed on the screen so u can simply enter the same amount . Further u will have to enter that amount in control amount field in tfgld1101m000(Transactions)

Use this option of checksum if u want the system to check whether u have entered all the amounts correctly .

Best Wishes
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Old 23rd October 2002, 12:34
sajitkrishnan's Avatar
sajitkrishnan sajitkrishnan is offline
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Location: Dubai
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Baan: BaaN IV c 4, BaaN Vc,LN 6.1a - DB: Oracle, Sql Server - OS: Windows NT, UNIX
hi! Balaji,

if the transaction type u use is enabled with a currency necessarily u have to close the bank transactionwith the maintain bank balance session in the special menu of the above session

the balance amount of the bank will be displayed at the top right side of the same session Maintain Bank Transaction and this amount should be effected in the closing balance field.

then u can save and exit from the session and finalize ur batch..

I wonder y ur not using CMG module for Bank Transactions

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Old 8th September 2008, 12:28
8aaniv 8aaniv is offline
Junior Member
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Baan: Baan IV C - DB: SQL Server - OS: Win/2000
Hi All,
what if i already input the closing balance as same as the balance amount of the transaction, but still this transaction can't save and exit
can you all please help?
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