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Old 9th December 2005, 12:17
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2005 Nr. 4

The Newsletter 2005 Nr. 4


0) Introduction
1) Sponsor News: Renewal of Nazdaq's sponsorship for 12 months
2) Sponsor News: Renewal of BridgeLogix's sponsorship for 6 months
3) Baanboard and EBUG teaming up
4) Play the Google game!
5) Google Ads on Baanboard
6) Different reading experience for Baanboard
7) Did you know?
8) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction

Hi all, we have a pretty lengthy newsletter this time. I just wanted to take the
opportunity here to wish all Baanboard members a well deserved Christmas or
holiday period and a Happy New Year!


1) Sponsorship renewal by Nazdaq for 12 months

We are glad to announce that Nazdaq has decided to extend its running sponsor-
ship for another 12 months.

About Nazdaq (by Bader Mansour, CEO):
Since 1999, NAZDAQ has been providing tools for enhancing the Baan software
for customers in 45 countries. NAZDAQ is proud to sponsor the most professional
Baan Forum for the forth year in a row.

Listen to what some Baan customers say about NAZDAQ:

- B2Win and B2Email are so affordable. The software paid back for itself in
8 business days!
- The software is quite simple yet rich in functionality
- I advocate all Baan shops to review and consider NAZDAQ's line of tools.
- With NAZDAQ, you will not only add value to your system, but you will
couple with a world-class manufacture of software utilities.
- In my decade of career in the field, your software has been very impressive
to me in that it has been amongst the easiest to install, configure and use.
- Their products are easy to install and safe to handle. We also like the
ongoing development and the excellent customer service.
- Good stuff. I check the NAZDAQ website ( regularly to see
what they are going to come up with next.

Visit Nazdaq's website at:


2) Sponsorship renewal by BridgeLogix for 6 months

We are also happy to announce that also BridgeLogix has decided to extend its
running sponsorship and this another 6 months.

About BridgeLogix (by Martin Linch, Director of Business Development):
"What do Finland and Australia have in common?
During this year they have become the latest additions to the Bridgelogix map
of global users. With other new customers in existing countries such as China,
Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the USA they join the largest community of data
collection users in the SSA Baan and SSA ERPLN arena.
On the back of a successful User Conference in Chicago during October,
Bridgelogix have also launched a new Time & Attendance solution, which now sits
alongside their Warehouse Management System as fully "Baan embedded" solutions
that make use of barcoding and data collection technology to simplify key
transaction processes.
For companies that do not want to use the ILC feature in SSA Baan but who need
the functional benefits, Bridgelogix have also released a solution called
"ILC Lite".
Look forward to more innovations from Bridgelogix during 2006!"

Visit BridgeLogix's website at:


3) Baanboard and EBUG teaming up

Baanboard and EbuG (European Baan Users Group) plan to work together in attempt
to bundle forces within the Baan user community. EBUG has decided to abandon
its plans to create its own forum space and instead will encourage its members
to use Baanboard as discussion forum. Already EBUG is linking to Baanboard from
its homepage at EBUG will also encourage the national
user groups it represents, to make use of Baanboard as general discussion
platform. Baanboard supports several language dependant forums and will assist
in transitioning national user groups to Baanboard if they so. Hopefully more
concrete plans will emerge in the next couple of months.

About EBUG: the power of cooperation.

The EBUG builds an European Baan User Groups Forum for the national user groups.
It is an independent, self-funding organisation that enables extensive access
to the communication platform of SSA Global, Baan/SSA ERP LN software users and
solution partners offering products all around Baan/SSA ERP LN on an European
This European wide cooperation strives to make EBUG the place for Baan/SSA ERP
LN customers to find the resources and solutions they are looking for. Because
of the intensive cooperation of members, EBUG and SSA Global, the organization
enables the development of strong relationships.
All participants gain knowledge from each other`s experience and obtain major
benefit through the international teamwork. Also SSA Global and Baan/SSA ERP LN
solution partners have the possibility to learn about customers` needs.
One of the major goals of EBUG is to provide opportunities for member-user
groups to submit collectively enhancement suggestions to SSA Global.
On the basis of following the EBUG strategy not only members such as Baan users
but also members such as solution partners and SSA Global are satisfied.


4) Play the Google game!

Two of most 'hard-core' members - Vamsi and Francesco - have started an
initiative to increase the rank of the website on the Google
search engine. Read about how you can help to increase our Google rank in the
popular thread 'Play the Google game' at:


5) Google Ads on Baanboard

Since a couple of weeks Baanboard's forum is showing some Google Ads for
anynomous or guest users. Logged-in members will not experience these ads
except for the site's start page. The main reason for adding Google Ads to
Baanboard - apart from the limited financial gain - is the give members the
possibility to show appreciation for their favourite Baan forum without having
to be out of pocket themselves. Every time you click on one of the Google Ads,
Baanboard will receive a small fee. So click away!

We plan to throw a poll after the holidays period and evaluate the use of the
ads on the site. In the mean time you can go for more information and discussion


6) Different reading experience for Baanboard

If you have been visiting Baanboard recently you probably already noticed that
we have switched from the standard 'Verdana' font style to the newer and more
trendy 'Bitstream Vera Sans'. Check it out and cast your vote on the change
before 31st December at:

The outcome of the poll will decide whether we stick with the new font style or
whether we will revert back to the old one.


7) Did you know?

That you can always delete your own posts or threads? This may come in handy if
you made a mistake in the original posting or if you wish to withdraw your
question. However, it is not considered very polite to delete threads to which
other members have already replied. Therefore we scan the forum on a periodical
basis for such deleted threads and resurrect them (yes, this is possible :-))


8) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsability for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2005


Patrick Van der Veken - Admin & Founder - (c) 2001-2018

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Old 9th December 2005, 12:31
en@frrom en@frrom is offline
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Baan: B50B - DB: Oracle 8.0 - OS: Win2k AS
Hi Patrick,

Let me compliment you on this perfect newsletter. Clear and good context, full of content, not too long, yet a briefing, clear, pleasant to read newsletter...

Way to go Patrick...!!
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Old 9th December 2005, 13:10
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patvdv patvdv is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Belgium
Posts: 2,164
patvdv is on a distinguished road
Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux
Thanks En Unfortunately the original mail was not entirely error free of typo's *ouch*

Patrick Van der Veken - Admin & Founder - (c) 2001-2018
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