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Old 19th August 2019, 03:07
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Baan: Baan IVc3 A&D - DB: Oracle - OS: IBM AIX
Cool AFS runs once second time fails

Hello all,

I have a stack of orders to be printed, I use an AFS, it prints the first order, when loops for the next order does not work, no error message on the error.message var.

Note: I have changed the sort order in the stack, to print bottom to top and it prints the first instance but not the next one(it only works the first time no matter what order I want to print), is not data related.

for i = 1 to reqs.index
                spool.device = <MY_ASCI_DEVICE>
                l.orno = pur.req.stack(1,i;9)
                spool.fileout = "c:\temp\"&logname$&"_req_"&strip$(shiftl$(l.orno))&".txt"
Any inputs are welcome.

Thanks in advance
Carlos Gonzalez CPIM,CSCP
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Old 19th August 2019, 12:39
andreas.toepper andreas.toepper is offline
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Baan: Baan4, LN6.1 - DB: MSSQL - OS: Linux&Windows
I'm using LN 10.2.1. When I did call a print session serveral times (i.e. in a loop) I had to "export" spool.device to the session controlled by AFS.

So I would try somethink like this:

stpapi.put.field("timrpc421m000", spool.fileout, "c:\temp\"&logname$&"_req_"&strip$(shiftl$(l.orno))&".txt")

This will set spool.fileout of the session timrpc421m000. You've set spool.fileout for your AFS session.
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Old 19th August 2019, 14:11
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Baan: Baan 4C4 A&D1 - DB: Oracle - OS: Sun Solaris
Hmmm... - never tried it that way. I always exported(AFS session) and imported spool.fileout(baan session).

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Old 19th August 2019, 14:12
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cherokee cherokee is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 306
cherokee is on a distinguished road
Baan: Baan IVc3 A&D - DB: Oracle - OS: IBM AIX
Thumbs up

Thank you Andreas for your help, it did work, really appreciated. Just to add to your solution, spool.device has to between quotes. (compiles without quotes but does not work) So, as any other stpapi.put.field, it has to be "spool.device".

stpapi.put.field("timrpc421m000", "spool.fileout", "c:\temp\"&logname$&"_req_"&strip$(shiftl$(l.orno))&".txt")
Carlos Gonzalez CPIM,CSCP
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