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Old 27th March 2018, 11:03
Ajesh's Avatar
Ajesh Ajesh is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 600
Ajesh is on a distinguished road
Baan: LN 10.4 - DB: Oracle - OS: HP-Unix
AFS for copying Standard Item to Customized Item(tipcs2230m000)

Dear All

I am trying to write an AFS session for the above mentioned session.


	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "orig.item.segment.1", "")
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "orig.item.segment.2", file.stnd.item)
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.item.segment.1", file.cprj)
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.item.segment.2", file.cust.item)
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "use.cfdt", str$(etol(form.ref.check)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "", str$(
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.structure", str$(etol(
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.items", str$(etol(form.meth.for.items)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.erela", str$(etol(form.e.item)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.alt.mat", str$(etol(form.alter.mat)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.use.up.mat", str$(etol(form.use.up.mat)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "new.cust.comp", str$(etol(form.gen.item.code)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "ask.user.conf", str$(etol(form.ask.bef.gen)))
	stpapi.put.field("tipcs2230m000", "approve.cfs", str$(etol(form.approve.conv.factor)))

	stpapi.form.command("tipcs2230m000", 5,"continue.process",error.msg)
	stpapi.get.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.structure", = ltoe(lval( = enum.descr$("ticpst",, "2")  	
	stpapi.get.field("tipcs2230m000", "copy.items", string.for.items)
	form.meth.for.items = ltoe(lval(string.for.items))
	string.for.items = enum.descr$("ticpit", form.meth.for.items, "2")  
        	error.msg = "Test Message"
	while not isspace(error.msg)
		error.code = stpapi.get.mess.code("tipcs2230m000", error.msg)
	if not isspace(error.msg) then
		error.msg = "Product Structure has been Copied."
But what i have observed is that Standard Item is getting copied to Customized Item but BOM is not getting copied. I have tried fetching all the messages but to no avail.

Any Clues?
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Old 31st March 2018, 08:57
Ajesh's Avatar
Ajesh Ajesh is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 600
Ajesh is on a distinguished road
Baan: LN 10.4 - DB: Oracle - OS: HP-Unix
The Date was getting passed as a Normal Date rather than UTC. That was the problem.

Now theres another issue, Suppose if a BOM has multiple sequence in one position then only one sequence is getting copied.
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