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Old 11th October 2019, 12:49
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RavCOder RavCOder is offline
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Baan: 10.3 - DB: SQL Server - OS: Windows

Originally Posted by andreas.toepper View Post
   table   ttdsls900 | Nuova tabella che prende i record della tabella tdsls401
   extern string tdsls900.bpid
   extern string tdsls900.nama
   extern string tdsls900.item
   extern string tdsls900.cuni
   extern long tdsls900.odat
   extern string tdsls900.orno
   extern double tdsls900.qoor
Why did you do that? What's it supposed to do?
If a table is declared, the fields are automatically declared too.
I've never seen something like this in a LN script before.

You're sending data three times to the report.

function read.main.table()
    select tdsls400.orno, tdsls401.item, tdsls401.ofbp, tdsls401.odat
	from tdsls400, tdsls401
	  sum_period() |(-> function uses rprt_send())  
	  sum_period() |(-> function uses rprt_send())
          rprt_send()    |3 times rprt_send() in one select
to answer your question: I don't really know why I declared the external variables again, I thought it was a way to see them.
As for the fact of having used rprt_send three times was that if I do not add it to my methods it does not send anything to the report.
Moreover, as I have already said in other posts on this platform, I am not an LN expert and there are no sufficient sources, not even from other parts, except for the documentation that I just can't understand.
Not even so exactly which paradigm uses LN.Imperative, procedural, object-oriented?
What language do you approach? Java? Pascal? (which I've never seen)
So forgive me if I make these mistakes or when you say certain things, I honestly don't understand them.
I apologize again.
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Old 11th October 2019, 13:27
andreas.toepper andreas.toepper is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2004
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andreas.toepper is on a distinguished road
Baan: Baan4, LN6.1 - DB: MSSQL - OS: Linux&Windows
I always considered Baan 3GL/4GL to be a wild mixture of Basic and Pascal. It’s old school 1980th procedural mixed with Dynamic SQL.
When Infor introduced LN with DAL-Hooks, it may have been the right time to take the turn to a more modern object-orientated highway, but they didn’t.

This may have changed with the introduction of “extensions”, but I doubt Infor will label it “object-orientated”. (I still haven’t worked with extensions. But this will change shortly, Training is on the way..)

I think, you do now the documentation of solution KB 22924522. There’s also a “Infor LN Development Tools Development Guide“ available in the Tools section in the documentation browser of Infor Support. It is available for all releases of Infor LN. You may want to dig into “To create reports” and “Overview of Software Components/Reports”. This chapters will provide a rough overview on how to create printing sessions. (I’m into a version called U8883L US for Infor LN 10.2.1 right now.)

In the old days there’s been training provided by Infor called “Application Administration” (AA) and “Application Customisation” (AC) – the names may have changed in other countries. Maybe you can find old training documentation; it may come in handy too.
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Old 11th October 2019, 13:48
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RavCOder RavCOder is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2019
Posts: 106
RavCOder is on a distinguished road
Baan: 10.3 - DB: SQL Server - OS: Windows
I've already tried to see if there were resources on the Internet except the one you say, but they are scarce and I really don't understand them.
I tried to delete the things you said were additional, but still don't let me see the data.
I have also tried to debug and I have seen that it does not even insert the values, rather it skips the execution of my function.

Last edited by RavCOder : 11th October 2019 at 16:27.
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