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Old 1st February 2005, 18:53
gaetan_m gaetan_m is offline
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Baan: ERP Ln, Baan ERP, Baan IV, MK - DB: SQL Server, NT, Windows 2000 - OS: UNIX
Is it possible to write directly in Baan tables from an external interface?

Hello everyone,

I have a basic question regarding Baan IV or Baan ERP.

Is there a tool in Baan allowing to write directly in Baan tables, if you are using an external application (ex: web portal or bar code interface) without having to go through the form validations?

My understanding (correct me if I am wrong) is that Baan Openworld (and the Business Object Interfaces (BOI´s) delivers the readable or writeable access to Baan form outside, but can it be used to directly access Baan tables also instead of Baan forms?

And also, if a function server does not exist for a particular session, how complicated is the task to create a new one (customized)? Where can we find the updated list of available function servers on Baan IV and Baan ERP?

And which tool in Baan IV or BaanERP is the best to interface with an HTML application to input data directly in Baan tables without having to use the same identical format than the Baan form (if it exists)? Is Webtop and Baan OpenWorld (using BOI's) only restricted to the format of the Baan form?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 1st February 2005, 19:31
RAMSBaan's Avatar
RAMSBaan RAMSBaan is offline
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Baan: iBaanERP Vb - DB: Oracle 9i - OS: Sun Solaris 5.8
You can do it

Baan tables are nothing but the tables created in the underlying database. So you can always use the database provided tool to populate it. But no guarantee of Valid data inside baan table if you bypass UI and DAL.
Always good through UI's and DALs of Baan if you want to populate Baan
Standard tables. OW will be your solution for integrating your Web based application with Baan Apps.
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Old 27th March 2005, 00:01
mraguthu's Avatar
mraguthu mraguthu is offline
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Baan: Baan 5c - Service Pack 18 - DB: DB2 - OS: OS/400
At present we are heavily using Baan Open world to write Sales order & lines from web to BaaN. OW is working great since 2.5 years.

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