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Old 14th August 2003, 22:07
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Gary P Gary P is offline
Join Date: Nov 2002
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Baan: 4c4 - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
QMS and Data Collection

We're looking for information on a third party Quality Management and Data Collection System that we can integrate with BaaN 4c4. The existing quality module doesn't come close to meeting our needs. We're looking for something that's comprehensive enough to track quality from our vendors, our manufacturing performance and out into the field. It must be able to handle RMAs, corrective actions, failure analysis, serial number tracking and revision control and tracking, just to mention a few of our needs Can anyone recommend some products we could look at?
Thanks in advance,
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Old 15th August 2003, 06:38
EdwinvdBorg EdwinvdBorg is offline
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There will be no one product that does all.

Hi Gary,

It looks like you are dealing with three different solutions here:

- A Quality Management system for testing the quality of your vendors and your manufacturing performance, etc.;
- A Data Collection System for reporting time and attendance as well as receipts in the warehouse and other warehousing transactions;
- A system that is more related to the Service & Maintenance business to handle RMA's, corrective maintenance, failure analysis, serial number tracking and revision control and tracking.

There may be even more needs and you have to understand that at the moment there is no one solution out there that does all in one package.
It will be helpful to make priorities between the systems you need and go from there.

Keeping things separated will help you a lot more and then you can see there are several options:

- For a Quality Management system you can take a look at the Quality Navigator from Cordys. This is the "old" Guardess product;
- For a DDC solution package there are actually more options. EPIC Data has more of a high end solution and then there is also a new solution available for b40c4 which is about 50% cheaper than EPIC. It is called Streamline.
- For the Service & Maintenance solution you can look at Wennsoft. Actually this is a Great Plains solution that has never been integrated to b40c4 before and that may be your biggest issue.
Another option is a new product from Cordys called Service Navigator. However, they just released the first version of this product and not all the features that you are looking for may be in this release. I know that very soon they are coming out with a new version that offers a lot more functionality and that will better suit you.
The advantage of using a Cordys Navigator (Quality and Service) is that it has an "out-of-the-box" integration with b40c4 using the Cordys WCP BAAN Application Connector. This BAC can be compared to the OpenWorld Adapter which BAAN Company is selling.

If you want I can send you more info regarding the Quality Navigator (for Quality Management), Streamline (for DDC) and Service Navigator (for the Service & Maintenance solution).

Hope this helps and I am sure there are many more good and affordable solutions out there.
However, you will have a difficult time finding these three solutions in one package and if you do you have to really determine if each of them is as robust as if you would purchase them separately.
Even if they would all be available in one package then you still would be implementing them one and a time any way.
This would also be your best approach for making the right priorities.


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Old 15th August 2003, 16:14
Gary P's Avatar
Gary P Gary P is offline
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: NH
Posts: 35
Gary P is on a distinguished road
Baan: 4c4 - DB: Oracle - OS: Unix
Thanks Edwin. Your advice and opinions are appreciated. You are correct that my needs are multiple. However, with the exception of in process quality data I'm not very concerned about manufacturing data collection in areas such as time and attendance. Labor is a very small component of our product cost. So my needs are in the Quality and Service area. I looked at the Cordys web site this AM and I am interested in the two products you mentioned. I'll also take a look at Wennsoft today. I've been doing some web browing and have found some other interesting possibilities. If it's not too much trouble I would appreciate the info you offered on the Cordys products. My e-mail address is and I can be reached by phone at 603-594-8585 x3247.
Thanks again,
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